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Description : old loop

Description : fun future loop for the synth

Description : add that reverb

Description : Made w Serum

Description : Nexus Codeine Dreams preset.

Description : same loop just drums.

Description : bass in ya face

Description : drumd

Description : brass fun

Description : fun drumz

Description : .....

Description : hard ass drums + 808.

Description : Serum is dope. enjoy.

Description : Kill it.

Description : i posted some layered loops

Description : same melody as below, no reverse effect! Enjoy! a

Description : reverse effect on some instrument preset I have for Kontakt 5. Enjoy!

Description : sorry had a gap I had to fix! Hard drums made in Fl 12. Enjoy!

Description : Made w Nexus 2 in Fl Studio.and some gross beat for fx. Enjoy!

Description : Young Thug Type Drums made in Fl Studio 12. Enjoy! link me if used!

Description : Young Thug Type Piano, made in Fl Studio 12 with Nexus 2.Enjoy!

Description : Hard compressed 808 w some trap drums enjoy!

Description : hard hitting kick, with 808 Snare, enjoy!

Description : Nelly Ahh Chant, with Gross beat. just to add a little flavor to your track, enjoy.

Description : loop made from 808 in Metro drum kit. make a banger! post if used please.

Loops 1 - 25 of 32