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Description : Cool little mallet loop v2

Description : Cool little basic Mallet loop

Description : Old Trippie Redd Like reverse Piano Melody.

Description : Comment Beats

Description : Comment your beats :)

Description : Post beats in desc

Description : Post beats in comments

Description : Cool Flute Melody

Description : Post beats in desc.

Description : Ethnic Vibe...
Made in FL with Sytrus.

Description : Made with lush bells. Drop beats in commnets. Inspired by the song Lemonade by Tay - k.

Description : Thanks for downloads drop beat links in comments.

Description : Plugnb Synth Melody

Description : Made with FL Studio in Sytrus

Description : Made using Guitar in FL Studio

Description : Reversed Pad With High notes every 4 bars

Description : Reversed Pad Synth

Description : Rush Piano Made with Oneshot

Description : Made using One Shot.

Description : Really Dark bells with a hint of emotion

Description : Made with Harp One Shot

Description : Club like Boom Bap Drum Loop

Description : Made with Organ and Trumpet from One Shot Steal yo Ting also with quiet bells and Orchestra.

Description : Drum loop with weird Sounds

Description : Gunna Like Guitar made with a guitar from One Shot Steal your Ting with Basic Procesing on it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 31
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