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Description : This sounded like a pissed off cat to me haha

Description : Gangster piano but 3!!!

Description : Gangsterrrr pianooo what else is there to say?

Description : An f'd up giggle

Description : Just another modified beat

Description : An electronic beat that i tweaked a little bit to make it sound better

Description : Just a short synth loop i made when i was bored

Description : Its a pretty chill piano that i like that i made

Description : More Rock Loop

Description : this is more rock i came up with on the guitar while bored

Description : More Rock Sounds I made while messing around

Description : Cool Crunch Sound More Soon

Description : Has an ambient sound to it. about 5 instruments. i liked the track i created more as a loop than an actual song so i recorded it on my mic. here it is =)

Description : It's not our best work but there will be more soon so just keep checking in

Loops 1 - 14 of 14
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