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Description : Synth and pad loop. made with Native instruments massive Plug-in FL Studio

Description : Chopped up some old samples and fused them together in FL Studio(Original sample is -2 semitones, this one is +2). Use it if you can.
And if you do, shoot me the link to the beat, i would definitely like to take a listen, Peace.

Description : A combination of instruments used in Maschine Studio 2.

Description : A combinations of chords created on Maschine Studio 2.

Description : Made with Nexus vst, in FL Studio 11.

Description : 2 bar guitar loop made with RealLPC vst in FL Studio 11.

Description : Here's a loop i made using FL Studio 11, its a pad/mallet combination loop in the key of D with some effects on it. Use it if you can and let me if u do.

Description : 4 bar pad loop made with reason 5.

Description : Combo Loop made in Reason 5. use it if u can. if u do use this loop in a beat let me know so I can listen to it, much appreciated.

Description : 4 bar loop. used a pad instrument and an organ in FL Studio with guitar rig delay effect, feel free to use this however u want. hit me up if you want complete beats with the loops I have on here. Peace!

Description : Piano/keyboard created in FL Studio10. Hope u have use for it.

Description : 8 Bar pad and synth lead loop @ 92 Bpm. Made with Reason 5.

Description : Guitar/Piano loop with some reverb, use it if you can.

Description : Chopped up my old samples and threw a delay effect on it. Made FL Studio 10.

Description : Used Lizard Lounge Vst plu-in and Nexus 2 arpeggiator to make this loop. Sounds a little of time, but will fit perfect on a beat.

Description : Piano Chords with Synth Bass, 8 bar loop. RnB/Hip Hop.

Description : Made in FL Studio with rhodes piano with guitar rig 5 effect, hip hop/downtempo style.

Description : 94 bar brass and echo scream loop made on fl studio.

Description : Used one of my old samples and chopped it up in FL Studio 10 using the fruity slicer plug-in.

Description : Dark pad and guitar loop made on FL Studio. 8 bar loop.

Description : Chopped up one of my old samples, also used a lead guitar and bass. Use it if you can.

Description : Fl Studio Bass, bass lead and synth bass created using Nexus 2 VST.

Description : Loop made on FLStudio 9, flute, analog synth, arpeggiater and bass combination loop.

Description : Combination Loop. Synth Piano + soft synth + brass horn section. Made With Fl Studio.

Description : Pad, e-piano and bass multi-track loop, made with FL Studio.

Loops 1 - 25 of 68
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