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Description : Insane Bass. I automated a custom sound with Harmor and messed with the stuff a bit and created this :)

Description : Chart Melody
If you use this loop please link me :)

Description : I created 2 different bass sounds in Massive (Vst) and combined them to create this :) Hope you enjoy it!

Description : A vocal bass I created using a lot of modulations. Similar to the bass you hear the top producers use.

Description : Just a basic vocal loop saying "Hey!" for you guys :)

Description : This piano goes along with my Emotional Piano loop :) hope you guys like it!

Description : This piano took me a bit to make, but came out great :) hope you guys like it!

Description : Took me a little bit to get this loop corrected and sounding nice, but here you guys go! Please send me a link if you use this loop, would love to hear what you did with it :)

Description : This piano loops goes along with the choir loop I uploaded :) enjoy!

Description : I nice, soothing choir loop I created just for fun :) Please send me a link if you used this in one of your songs! Thank you all!

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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