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Description : Show me what can you make from this!

Description : old Project, Called "Champions" Show me what you made!

Description : MurdaType Beat, show me what you got!

Description : Another Dope Bell loop, Show me what yaa got!

Description : TM88 type sauce shit!

Description : Made On Omnisphere, Show me what you got!

Description : Made with omnisphere! Send me some Bruhh!!

Description : Show me, what you got if that heat in your ear!

Description : 808 bangz alot

Description : Another pad banger!

Description : Bang Bang Skrr Skrr

Description : Skrr Skrr

Description : Let me here it, what you came up with!

Description : let that 808 banggg

Description : Show me what you got!

Description : Show me some beats if you created something, More Loops Soon!

Description : New Sample for you to cook something from it! cook it up and send me links in the comments!

Description : Another upcoming project, but putting out the loop for yaa guys! drop me the links and i will listen! #BoyDreamer also message me for collabs!

Description : Loop for Dj Mustard and West Coast lovers! Enjoy #BoyDreamer

Description : Another Cookup session, Thanks for using my loops! latest projects and quick cook ups!

Description : Tm88 type shit, make a beat, and show me what you done! stay tuned for more #BoyDreamer

Description : This sample is from my newest beat, sharing with you guys, haven't finished my beat, so if you like it, show me what u cook up (BoyDreamer)

Description : Feel free to use, and share with me your cook up with this Fye Loop, More Soon! #BoyDreamer

Loops 1 - 23 of 23