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Description : SCALE: F Octatonic
Reminds me of a dark forest

Description : C Minor.
Made with Toxic Biohazard in FL20
Comment what you made!

Description : Made with SyndtSphere in FL20.
COMMENT WHAT YOU MADE. I'll leave a like!
Can be used for Hiphop, trap, chillout, lofi, rap really whatever tbh.
Played in F# Major Pentatonic aka all the black keys.

Description : I recorded some rain this morning and put some vinyl effects on it to make it sound more Lo-Fi.
COMMENT IF USED IN A TRACK. Ill leave a like

Description : Used smaples from a vinyl sample pack. Slapped on a izotope vinyl, EQ, vocoder on the hats to give em a different sound.
COMMENT BELOW IF USED. Ill leave a like

Description : Played in [F# Major Pentatonic] aka all black keys.
Comment a link of your project if used! ill leave a like. :D

Description : Distored 808's in [C5,E5,D5,A4,64]
All drums are in C5 COMMENT IF YOU MADE SOMETHING! Ill leave a like! I love hearing what you got.

Description : Made with FPC on FL Studio 20
Comment a link if used pls. ill leave a like ;)

Description : Cm Synth / C minor Synth with Reverb
Comment what you've made!
Made in Sytrus / FlStudio20

Description : Nexus in FL20
comment what you've made!
Minor Key - Fm - F minor

Description : Made with Nexus in FL20
Comment What you made!
Key is C minor / Cm

Description : Comment what you made with it. Made on FL20

Description : Used for Dark Trap, Lofi, Sad Chill. First loop! Comment what you've made, Id love to see!
Made with Nexus, FL Studio 20

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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