Description : it's not bad...

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  1. OmarHaleem
    OmarHaleem on Thu 19th Jun 2014 - 8 years ago

    I'm working on something, Will get back to you on that, I may have spoken up a tad bit more then i would usually on a track you published recently..I like your work very much, and your someone who deserves to have your own soundcloud with your music up on it..I will do my best with whatever i get from your loops. I just hope you will not take whatever i said as a critique, i read post on rant and raves, i hope that wasn't a rant, I can only rave about how great all loopermen are, i don't call you guys loopermen, I call you loopermasters!. thanks for making it happen here..without you, there would be no juice to feed the soul here, you guys are the bricks, the mortar of what anyone with musical talents can put together something worth listening to..thank you for wishes always. this is my fav right now, its something that i would recommend you listen to..its someone who does inspire people, and i got very good reviews for it from those who love a good poem..

    Reply by drmistersir

    ya know, usually people just post something like 'well done' or 'dope loop'
    so thanks for the extra effort.
    but I don't want a sound cloud... I've registered with all the websites that I ever will by now as far as social/music/what have you...
    I mean, I don't even have a cell phone or a face book
    yup, i'm THAT guy

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