• From : Karachi, Pakistan
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About Me

Am a creative oddity, do my own stuff and keep it real..

for my music videos ( own edits with original music by me)

To download please visit my soundcloud:

I also do derivative designart, something which i developed to help others see themselves as heroes of their own lives.

Instruments I play

Guitar, acoustic,.i play a percussive type of guitar that will blow anybody off..because i play very hard on very high strung heavy strings.. heres a low key sample but you will get it. all acoustic unplugged recording no effects. just raw power

Software I Use

Just Garageband and tweaking every inch of everything i use until i get what isn't on any chart other then makes me feel like its not normal..abnormal sounds appeal to me.. i very rarely if ever use default setting ..

Hardware I Use

Just a simple macbook black edition that conks off when it overheats :) hey Jimie hendrix didn't have anything like this, and my keypad does get a bit slow..but i still manage fine.. ;)

Listening To Right Now

DubstepFm, but usually my own stuff is what i like to listen to..its like understanding who i am and what the hell it is i want..

10 Favourite Albums, dunno, i spent a lot of time listening anything that is good, will get a tingle down my spine is a good thing.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Prodigy and some of the stuff going around that is original and keeps my head filled with audio-spatial harmony..

My Music Sounds Like

Like me, only i use different aspects of human interactions, not just music for entertainment, but introspection and sometimes its a cause or a thing that appeals to my senses that gets me to do something about it, have used declamations in different languages, like japaneses, Ukrianian, german, english etc as well as news worthy audio clips to make my sound a little different and introspective..try this for size , my first ever looperman based sound.
or try this music video

In My Other Life I ...

I would have been a stormbringer..I believe the real story of our collective lives and the real true news is in the weather and how it develops across the world is an indication of our general studies and through observation i have this belief that we are connected to this planet in more ways then we care to identify with or ever admit..