29th Jul 2011 23:23 -  12 years ago
Description : Non wobby robot bass. NOT SURE THE TEMPO.

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If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

aeusoes1 8th Dec 2019 18:38 -  4 years ago
I used this loop in the most recent episode of my podcast, AE Reads Skiffily, which features science fiction stories read with sound effects. In this episode, there’s a character named Katerina who’s in an advanced "Orion Warware suit." I thought it best to use dubstep noises to indicate the noises of her mechanical motions. I normally like to point to where in my episodes that I use loops, but the instances are too numerous to list here, and in some cases I even distorted the loop to make it deeper or slower. You can stream or download the episode here:
Great job and keep it up!
MisterFujisam 1st Aug 2011 23:03 -  12 years ago
Not sure from which one, but this sound is from a video game.
ngssallonica 30th Jul 2011 13:30 -  12 years ago
nC job and keep going to fixed this loop

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Description : Goes with "Guitar Loop"
6th Apr 2007 04:45 -  17 years ago
Description : Hard Bass. Fasten your seatbelt.
9th Sep 2012 18:46 -  11 years ago
Description : Sub bass from my new track "Aliens Approaching"
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Description : trance bass loop
28th Sep 2012 14:08 -  11 years ago
Description : This is a Bass loop created using a MS 404. it has a bit of a bub feel to it but would work fine with drum and bass also
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Description : This is the set of loops i'm doing called Vendetta, these will not be a song but a set for the Looperman community! I made these with Acid Music Studio 5.0. Enjoy!

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Description : big bass
29th Aug 2012 18:51 -  11 years ago
Description : I would like to say, share your creations but hardly no-one does so why bother. Have a bit of this for free, pretend its your own, do what you will with it. peace
8th Aug 2012 23:22 -  11 years ago
Description : midi bass rift
23rd Jul 2011 22:37 -  12 years ago
Description : A quick pulse-y bass line that could go with a lot of genres
7th Apr 2010 02:31 -  14 years ago
Description : Phased wobble bassline created for Double Negative
if you use it, i wanna hear
Seismik and VGA+
12th Dec 2013 21:08 -  10 years ago
Description : synth bass groove
3rd Mar 2013 18:30 -  11 years ago
Description : An example of how this loop can be used:
20th Mar 2011 03:55 -  13 years ago
Description : Thanks for downloading this loop! I hope you can find it helpful. If you decide to use it in a song then I'd love to hear the result! Credit is always appriciated as well. Thanks ;)
10th Sep 2010 17:18 -  13 years ago
Description : Here is a simple bassloop. If you use my loop in your track please leave the link in the review section so I can check out your track. Thanks