Description : A simple loop that you can use in a variety of genres. In this loop I used ambience, and a little bit of autotune to give the electric feel.
*I encourage you to send me your songs/beats after using my vocals so I can listen to your work. Thank you.

Feel Electric by MeganONeill has received 16 comments since it was uploaded.

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

  1. PeterRX
    PeterRX on Thu 28th Feb 2019 - 3 years ago

    i wanna work with you please let me know thanks

  2. natUp
    natUp on Wed 27th Nov 2013 - 8 years ago

    Hey, I used this in my track.

  3. Robwan
    Robwan on Sun 18th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Not sure if you ever check on here any more, but here you go

    It'd dubstep/electronic ;)

  4. DiscoTecMuzic
    DiscoTecMuzic on Fri 17th May 2013 - 9 years ago

    Using this in one of my tech house projects

  5. AnniMae15
    AnniMae15 on Mon 26th Nov 2012 - 9 years ago

    While I'm on track here there's actually another song I made here with your vocals. (They're reversed in the song and sounded amazing with it. :) This is an earlier track though, so I had a bit less of experience with this mixing.)

  6. P9C
    P9C on Sat 4th Aug 2012 - 10 years ago

    Hi there! I have used your beautiful vox in my track BiPolar. I have glitched up your voice and left it just the way it is on here as well in parts. Dont know how you feel about Dubstep but that is what it is plus dance style influence hence the "bipolar" effect. lol. Hope you enjoy this! If and when you get to see comment! :D

    -Proxy Theory

  7. AnotherAdam
    AnotherAdam on Wed 15th Feb 2012 - 10 years ago

    Heyy! Not sure if you still check this or not anymore haha but hope you like it and listen to it! :P Cheers for the loop and tell me what you think! :D

  8. Redking
    Redking on Sat 6th Aug 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hey Megan it's Jefferson(Redking) the guy SwiftBeats told you about i remixed the vocal loop does it feel electric snd here is the link for you to hear it for yourself, please let me know what you think,i titled the mix (does it feel electric R3M!X feat.Megan).check it out

    Reply by MeganONeill

    Hey Jefferson(Redking),
    Nice to hear from you that you did something with my voice! :) I went to the page and I don't see it there though. If you'd like to email me you can at

  9. PeNnYWiSe
    PeNnYWiSe on Thu 4th Aug 2011 - 11 years ago

    hey nice samples you got! i used feel electic in my dubstep tune :). its not finished yet but ill send you a link when im done. is there any chance you could make any more??? pennywise..x

    Reply by MeganONeill

    Awesome, glad to hear! You can definitely find more acapellas uploaded soon, I don't think loops though. Thanks!

  10. quinogogo
  11. quinogogo
    quinogogo on Thu 4th Aug 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi, we used this loop at the end of our song. We put your name on the credits. Hope you like it. Here is the link:

  12. quinogogo
    quinogogo on Thu 4th Aug 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi, we used this loop at the end of our song. Here is the link:

  13. quinogogo
    quinogogo on Thu 4th Aug 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi, we used this loop at the end of our song. Here is the link:

  14. barb
    barb on Sat 16th Jul 2011 - 11 years ago

    thank you!! like it!

    Reply by MeganONeill

    and thank you :D

  15. Zega
    Zega on Mon 27th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hey cutie, the track is done ! ... I will create some remix in 2 parts and maybe 2 new songs ... but I dont know when lol :D !!!

    I did request u like a friend on facebook, ... Im from Costa Rica and just let me know what u think about the track ;)

    Have a nice day !

    Reply by MeganONeill

    thanx! i love it!

  16. Zega
    Zega on Sat 25th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi pretty, keep checkin my facebook page ... I will use "feel electric" in my next track ;) ... thnx !

    Reply by MeganONeill

    K awesome!

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