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Description :

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Niclas199 some feedback.

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Description : loop off a track im working on and will be uploaded soon called new age! feel free to use but let me would like to hear what you come up with

Description : processed bass to make room for kick...cheerz...deep house or so...cheerz again

Description : This is the bass. GMaj is the scale(I think). The Bass is made of 2 oscillators. One is a sawtooth and the other is a square. They phase a bit(YaY Subtractor!) but the sound doesn't dip out much. This loop has a companion melody that is titled part 2. Che

Description : EasyBeats for iPhone

Description : Custom Maelstrom patch for Reason. I spent awhile fiddling with knobs here and there. Added a bit of fx at the end. Just a slight bit. Left the audio original as I had it ducking on a 4 on the floor beat. I suggest adding another bass line also. Cheers :D

Description : "remember the sancho"
¨¨kick,hat, snare, shaker, ts404¨¨

Description :

Description : Taken from a song a friend and I were working on. I guess he doesn't love Spy Hunter like I do :(

It's an electric bass.

Description : various used

Description : bassline from a TI

Description : Good for funk, rock or hip-hop. To hear it at a slower tempo in a song, checkout my tune, "Don't Let Go".

Description : processed bass ... my leave the space for the kick. electroish sounding with accent on saw wave...cheerz

Description : processed saw bass, sidechained....without reverb and stuff...just to make more room for users to add their own effects...cheerz

Description : DNB BASS

Description : fruity loops

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