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Description : Taken from my DarkLoops project. This is supposed to be experimental/weird/avant-garde stuff. If you are trying to create happy/pop/melodic songs, then this is not for you. Otherwise, make yourself uncomfortable and enjoy!

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give flsouto some feedback.

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Description : COMMENT YOUR TRACKS! I wanna see who can really body this drum loop

Boombap ish loop 177

Description : This pattern for 177 BPM or 88.5 BPM has 2 crashes added at the beginning and at the center.

Description : Another drum & bass build pattern with a snare roll at the end. Recorded at 177 BPM.

Description : sadsadasd

Description : Bass Goes C-G-A-F Major

Description : Same beat pattern for 177 BPM or 88.5 BPM but with a crash in the center.

Description : Zombie beat 1 with rides but also has a snare roll fill at the end. Recorded at 177 BPM.

Description : 177 BPM. This isn't the real file. I can't give that away. :) Because I'm remixing this song. So I just made the same drums but differently. DaVIP & Encode - Vamanos. Neuro Funk, yea!

Description :

Description : This beat pattern was recorded at 177 BPM but it's half speed. Can also be used at 88.5 BPM for other genres like hip-hop.

Description : The same build pattern but with crashes added to it. Recorded at 177 BPM.

Description : aciddddd

Description : contact me for custom loops
drums with snare, kick, 808, hi hats, open hat ...

Description : Zombie beat pattern 1 but with a snare fill at the end. Recorded at 177 BPM.

Description : Pretty Clean and Melodic Drum Loop

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