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Description : prod. by CF Beats (click on picture for contact info)
90s, nas, madlib, tupac, notorious big

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give CFbeatss some feedback.

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Description : A melancholy melody on a piano which I liked a lot, enjoy it! Do not forget to share your beats! I am looking for collaborations, send a message if you are interested !!

Lofi hip hop boom bap old school sad melodic

Description : Boom Bap Piano Chop using a sample :)

Description : 8 seamless bars of a soulful piano riff.

Implied Harmonies: Eb--Gm7--Ab7--Bb7

Description : Dynamic Piano progression with Alicia Keys plug: Bmin, A/C#, D. For custom rhythm or lead piano, keys, synth, pads, feel free to contact me directly. -Audioendo

Description : Played in: Cmin - A#min

Description : Well,this is interesting, I mean it could work?

Description : Still Cookin! ^^

Description : Links Below
I'm not to sure how i feel about this piano,but here you go

Description : 4 seamless bars of an andante grand piano riff, with an ostinato in a soulful style.

Implied harmonies: Ebma7----Fm7

Description : Cool piano riff

Description : Feel free to share your work.

Description : Lil tjay type piano. Made with Keyscape.
I would love yo hear what you've made, so leave a link in the comments!

Description : A smooth lil loop I made from just messing around let me know what y'all think/make with it!

Description : Posting a lot of my old loops this week! Check my account for more :)
Let me know what you made!
pvlace, cubeatz piano. acoustic piano.
lil peep. xxxtentacion.

Description : show me what u did

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