23rd Jun 2020 07:41 -  3 years ago
Description : its ok i guess, havent uploaded anything in a while

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3rd Jun 2016 16:42 -  7 years ago
Description : Reggae Piano
19th Apr 2024 16:17 -  1 month ago
Description : Chords :

CMIN 9 - F913 - GMIN 7 - EBMAJ 9
5th Jan 2021 08:52 -  3 years ago
Description : another loop I made for the pack! this one was made with Keyzone Classic (free plugin). if u wanna hear more of this stuff feel, free to message me.
9th Jan 2010 17:21 -  14 years ago
Description : The Piano during the verse part of why did I
15th Dec 2021 14:16 -  2 years ago
Description : All loops combind sound like dark ambient pop / modern trap. This is part 1 of the piano loop, its the intro piano loop playing the chords softly.
8th Aug 2018 21:57 -  5 years ago
Description : Feel free to do whatever you want! No credit needed!
30th Oct 2021 10:24 -  2 years ago
Description : I hope you like this piano
Sad piano loop.
Daw: FL STUDIO 12, Kontakt.
Please share your work in the comment section.
11th Aug 2021 10:10 -  2 years ago
Description : * Piano with delay and RC-20 retro color:
Bass: A# - A# - D# - G#
* Please show me what you made with this.
* Need more samples like this? Click my profile picture for details.
12th Apr 2018 12:13 -  6 years ago
Description : Slow Piano run
10th Nov 2016 06:53 -  7 years ago
Description : I just wanted to thank all that have given feedback. All this positive feedback is overwhelming, I joined 3 years ago, but just now decided to start uploading(idk why). Im still a little new to this whole thing, so bare with me, if I make a few mistakes :)
If you use this link it below I listen to every single song!
3rd Jan 2019 04:38 -  5 years ago
Description : contact me for custom loops, vocals and more
3rd Apr 2018 17:49 -  6 years ago
Description : the key is e minor.
21st Sep 2023 14:14 -  8 months ago
Description : A piece of immortal classical music adapted in 4/4 for lo-fi beats
21st May 2019 00:30 -  5 years ago
Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop.

Recorded on real vintage acoustic upright piano MADE IN USSR. Captured by two mics (chamber and room).

5th May 2014 17:47 -  10 years ago
Description : melody and pad