Description : Remembrance

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Comaridze some feedback.

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Description : Good)
Description : Gangsta Bells
Description : Tropical house, dacehall, pop, reggaeton, justin bieber
Description : Pretty simple sytnh. Can be used with TONS of different genres. Hip-hop, Techno, Pop, etc. Tell me what you think.
Made with Nexus 2
Description : This goes to the Dirty South Beat
Description : "sounds like a chiptune, 8bit and gangsta.
y'know those nigs wearin hello kitty shirts & playin' with guns"
Description : Created in FL Studio 12, we on some Chris Brown type shit. lmao. If you use this, comment and show me! I want to hear! :)
Description : latest export from ma unfinished stuff
Description : A synth line that sounds somewhat like sirens on a police car.
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Description : Just listen to it and youll see what i mean..
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Description : Cool)
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