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Description : -Similar sample used in Retnik Beats - Lucifer
-Dark Arabic trap loop
-Send me your tracks!

Description : Best for dirty production; Ronny J type beats

Description : ethnic type. getting a lot of inspiration from my visit to dubai. sitting outside my apartment right now looking down at a busy road and a desert so this seemed fitting. i know this isnt what i usually post but this sounded too sick. post whatever you made with it. >:]

key is d harmonic minor

Description : Setar is an Iranian instrument which has more than 2000 years history.
have fun with it and let me know what you did.

Description : Created with Alchemy

Description : Hey guys, i've done this with sakura but I don't know how to put hard bass like scarlxrd.
Show me in comments what you do with that

Description : show me what you did with this

Description : Enjoy !

Description : ice chain pure water

Description : Pls Link Your Beats!

Description : If you use the loop, send me what you've made! I would really love to hear it. Contact me if you have any questions or want any custom loops.

Description : Layered sitar melody

Description : giving me middle east vibes. made a super dope track with this so thought i would share. works well with super heavy 808s. scale is c minor hungarian (i think.) leave the dope track you made with this.

Description : Solo ,

Description : Yeah? Solo

Description : Asian type trap loop made in Sakura, comment links to where you used it.

Description : Pls link your beats!

Description : made with aarabian nigths from nexus 2

Description : Hope usable

Description : Reggaeton old school ... recuerdos :)

Description : brrr brrr

Description : nice one

Description : Some asian trap for yall

Comment what you made ;)

Description : Asian trap loop.

Send me what you made ;)

Description : Higher Brothers/ Richie Souf type loop

Send me what you made! Im interested ;)

Loops 1 - 25 of 199
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