4th Aug 2011 11:40 -  12 years ago
Tags : 75 bpm
3.57 MB
Has Lyrics
Usage : GRAVEFLOWERS did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : mix of clean and spoken word

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JayLope 24th Jun 2023 23:57 -  11 months ago
Hey, hope all is well with you. I came up with something. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.
New Music and Video. Thank you for listening.
JayLope 15th Jun 2023 01:12 -  11 months ago
Nice Vocals
emblade 5th Dec 2015 02:54 -  8 years ago
DesignedImpression 20th May 2015 17:34 -  9 years ago
There's something about it, magic it would seem. A young lady traveling through the forest at midnight, red hooded sweater moving quickly through the brushes.

I had a try with this as I thought the intro bit was really interesting to me, hope you dig what I did with it. Thanks for sharing your music, is appreciated. Peace.
oldbreed 27th May 2014 13:04 -  10 years ago
drrotten 30th Oct 2012 13:53 -  11 years ago
hey, i used 2 of your samples, this one and the "when i'm aliiiive i still dead" sample ! I used them on the same song . It sounds awesome, i'll release a pro album soon, can you give me a mail ? of course i'll precise your name on the cover etc ... Thanks you so much
saymn 17th Apr 2012 22:48 -  12 years ago

can i sample that? i make swissrap. want make a hiphop beat with your masterpeace.

peace n greez out switzerland
MStokes 18th Jan 2012 18:19 -  12 years ago
hello. i really appreciate this track and your music. i have made a mix of this, hopefully not a mess. hope you'll check it out whenever you got the time.

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24th Jan 2010 07:05 -  14 years ago
Tags : 77 bpm
3.24 MB
Has Lyrics
Usage : RayKoefoed did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : This is the vocal track from my song The Sum of a Body. I know I went a little heavy on the filters, but I wasn't very comfortable singing at the time. Sorry that I didn't save a clean version of the vocals. I hope you are still able to make some use of them. The title is meant to mean the hypothetical value put on a human life, which in our society is literally a dollar amount often times.
18th Sep 2019 01:01 -  4 years ago
Description : Digital Hardcore/punk chorus of my song Fascist.
18th Feb 2022 06:57 -  2 years ago
Description : ***IMPORTANT*** Please do not add ft.xtatus and
please leave me uncredited for my vocals it's for the best

from an scrapped project i was unhappy with my vocals so here ya go
also i recorded with effects on and i cant take em off lol
11th Sep 2018 10:06 -  5 years ago
Tags : 90 bpm
2.01 MB
Rapping & Singing
Usage : 2nick8 did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Extended vocals from the original with rap. There is a back beat with vocals on my track page and also a split beat loop same name.