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Description : Atmosphere/Deathcore Featuring Metaled from Looperman on vocals and Terror Sphere music.

Description : Metalcore groove.

Description : Metal/Deathcore ...Guitar Rig 5 ,3rd Bass vst Floor Fish gate,Noise reduction PreFET Ignite ,Deathcore stlye drum track. Every thing is played on my 8 string .Plus some synths.

Description : I added a guitar part to a track I just did a few days ago. My attempt at Deathcore. Looking for Colabs .. Hit me up in the comments.

Description : DeathCore Metal. Give me some feed back please.

Description : Heavy Death Core Down tempo My CPU was glitching a little.Lol Full Track Instrumental

Description : Downtempo deathcore.. Looking for colabs for lyrics and vocals. We can share this track . Need feed back please .

Description : Metal. Looking for colabs for vocals and lyrics. Looking for Deathcore style vocals . You collaborate you own a copy of the track to use as you want. Dry run vocal track and I will mix it. Post here on this site so I can download loop.

Description : Metal .. Instrumental. If you decide to want to add vocals on this track or any other of my tracks . Please do it ..I have sent a few copies out to people who said they would and they never go through with what they me.

Description : Downtempo Deathcore

Description : Melodic/Atmosphere metal..Guitar Rig 5 guitar and bass. Used a drum track.

Tracks 1 - 11 of 11
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