Im just a musician who has fun creating music
  • From : Rockford Illinois, United States
  • Joined : Tue 9th Oct 2012, 10 years ago

About Me

Just a guitarist who enjoys creating music. If any one decides to want to put vocals on one of my tracks let me know so we can share them.. Thank You !! Keep it Metal !! ok I like some electronic music also ..I have a band project on FB Terror Sphere.Not the other band with same name seems they ripped me off of my band name and they live in Brazil but no big deal.

Instruments I play

Schecter 8 strings Peavey amps.Loops and Samples. My Mixcraft 6 software laptop key board synths and or

Software I Use

Mixcraft 6,Guitar rig 5, Free Vst's

Hardware I Use

Peavy amps

Listening To Right Now

Down tempo Deathcore/Deathcore/Death Metal/ChugCore/Industrial/Cyber Metal/Atmosphere/Math core/ Thall Deathcore. Some types of Electronica music. What ever catches my ear.

10 Favourite Albums

Theres alot of em.Slayer: Reign in Blood . Septic Flesh: Codex Omega..Fear Factory: Demanufacture Oceano : Acendants,God of Nothing:Devoured by Death ,Morbid Angel : Covenant ,Deicide:Once Upon the Cross.Beatles: Sargent Peppers,Black Sabbath:Masters of Reality. Meshuggah : Catch 33,Obzen.And many more..

My Influences / Fav Artists

Darko US ,Rot from Italy ,Brand of Sacrifice,Beatles,Black Sabbath,Slayer,Fear Factory,Meshuggah,Oceano ,Car Bomb ,Humanity's Last Breath,From Dismay,Hive from Chicago, Septic Flesh..Theres so many its retarded. Deathcore and Mathcore Cyber Metal is what I'm into now of days.Some Electronic type music.

My Music Sounds Like

Deathcore Death Metal , Metal

In My Other Life I ...

Wake up people The NWO is taking over everything. Time to fight back.