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12th Oct 2021 09:25 -  2 years ago
Description : Uploaded a loop of a Color Bass drop. So you guys know how it sounds in context with drums, FX etc, here is a full make of it. Looperman mods, I really did make this so please keep it up.
6th May 2013 03:26 -  11 years ago
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Description : A remix i made.
4th Dec 2019 05:35 -  4 years ago
Description : Uh Oh
2nd Jul 2019 06:53 -  4 years ago
Description : This track was made by the owner of Odd Sounds. Check out his SoundCloud @SNEEK THEEF
1st Jul 2018 08:52 -  5 years ago
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Description : This is a remix I made of Panda Eyes. Hope you enjoy.
24th Feb 2017 10:46 -  7 years ago
Description : Our Lead Sound Designer and Producer Oddlie created this track roughly a week ago and it got picked up and supported by The Artist Union. Make sure to follow him on SoundCloud if you like the track. We may be releasing some Big House and Future Bass Loops soon!
29th Jun 2016 19:31 -  7 years ago
Description : All the loops from the Better Than Ever Getter bassline pack put together.
28th Aug 2014 02:40 -  9 years ago
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Description : My remix i made for Alex Sins compition. I have tried uploading this before, lets see if it works this time.