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Description : Once again, have no clue as to genre, but it's funky. Hard driven analogue sounds with a hard beat. Would love specific critiques if you have time. Thank you.

Tags : | Electronic | 4.71 MB

Description : Don't really know what genre, but if your head's not bobbing, you are dead. Funky as hell beat with some synths.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.20 MB | FL Studio

Description : Can't decide on genre, but it's laid back with beat driving straight through it. With my Usual overdriven analogue sounds. Exported a little to loud, but I'll fix and re-upload when I have time. Looking for specific critiques if u have time.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.64 MB

Description : To the best wife... Christiania!!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.84 MB

Description : Little track I did using DjCuFool's dirty synth chords loop.

Thanks DjCUF!

A little synth, a little orchestra, a funky little beat
Hope you Like it.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.85 MB

Description : Something that sprang out of my head
when I was playing with Arturia's Sim Analogues

Funky as hell. J.P.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.31 MB

Description : Orchestra? Ok, Just me and my Keyboard.


Tags : | Chill Out | 5.49 MB

Description : One more glass of Syrah baby, before they close?

Laid back, soft and fuzzy.
Should make you Smile!

Tags : | Funk | 3.39 MB

Description : Just Jammin!
Had all kinds of fun making this one here.


Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.98 MB

Description : A little beat that I was really feeling today.
Used "less Mental Bass Rises" Sample from Ceejamesbeat. Thanks Man!

Old school Hip hop Beat Twisted
Now with 57% more Grime!!

Tags : | Electro | 3.12 MB

Description : One of my odd creations. Hope you like it.


Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.54 MB

Description : Took it back in time again.
Hard hitting Memphis style beat ,
with my usual analogues running through it.

!!Turn It Up!!

Warning: Not intended for use by baby speakers

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.95 MB

Description : Jammin in a big sewer pipe?

Tags : | Electronic | 3.19 MB

Description : "Out There", so i hope you follow me.
Electro-twisted, Hip-Hop? maybe.

Put a lot of work into "different", i hope it worked. Let me Know. J.P.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.40 MB

Description : Hip Hop beat with a Dirty Wobble bass.
Rec. level is low b/c of the subbass so
Crank it up!

Tags : | Electronic | 5.05 MB

Description : Dance beat with all the bells and whistles.

Hope u enjoy. Crank it and Move!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.79 MB

Description : One of the first tracks i ever did about 9 years ago while learning fruity loops.

Kind of an eerie song with a beat that wont let up.
I've always really liked it so i uploaded it.

Tags : | Electro | 3.99 MB

Description : Pop done Electro style. Just an upbeat, smiling type of jam.

I play an organ run through a sim-guitar amp/cabinet combo.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.69 MB

Description : Straight up Boom
Bulletproof Beat with Benassi Bass
Enjoy! J.P.

Don't be afraid to crank it!

Recorded a little low so that the baby speakers don't blow.

Tags : | Electro | 3.69 MB

Description : Pretty much just like 3 people playing some old analogues
and a drummer just jammin. I think it Beats!

Tags : | Electronic | 5.86 MB

Description : Just something about this one I like.
Calming but not a snooze at all.
Makes me smile. J.P.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.81 MB

Description : A little track I did using DextDee's Orchestra hits as inspiration.

It hits pretty hard.

Thanks so much DextDee for the loop, and all the quality loops
you contribute.


Tags : | Dance | 6.58 MB

Description : I don't really know what genre but it Makes Me Want To Move!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.56 MB

Description : A concept waiting for a good ideas.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.40 MB

Description : Another very early tracks that i did years ago. Veeery early song, with volume and recording mishaps. But i've always really liked the concept and the melody

A few Arabian sounding melodies mixed through a driving beat.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 29