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29th Jul 2013 23:37 - 10 years ago
Description : I'm BaaaAAAaaaAAAaaAaack!!!! This song was a LONG time in the making (If you know anything about Mastering, please teach me your ways. I'm right proud of this one) It was inspired by the Tramcar on the Boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey, And my friend Josiah Edwards. AND! It's free! Enjoy!
2nd Jun 2013 13:48 - 11 years ago
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Description : This is what you get when all you have to work with is freeware. :P

I promise this track has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon. It was inspired by a song from the artist "Clark Kent" Hence the name: Superman.

27th Nov 2012 23:43 - 11 years ago
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Description : So. This is my first attempt at the moombahton genre. I'm posting it on here for comments, critisism, and suggestions. Basically, I'm trying to see if I should go forward with this genre at all. This is just a basic song, (Intro, Chorus, Breakdown, Chorus, End) So don't judge it by length. Thank you all for your comments!

PS- It's in dubstep because there's no moombahton genre.
19th Nov 2012 00:56 - 11 years ago
Description : So this is my remix of Spivkurl's "The Mannheim Effect" (The original by Spivkurl can be found here: A note: I'm not good at retaining components of the original song, so spivvy, I hope you recognize it at all...
21st Jun 2013 21:43 - 11 years ago
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Description : Hey Looperfam!

I've been experimenting with mixing lately, because I got a cool new plugin. And who wouldn't want to test out their cool new plugin? Well I've been testing my cool new plugin, and trying to mix (It's an EQ Plugin, by the way) and I don't think I'm doing to well. But oh well. I only just got this cool new EQ plugin. Enjoy the song!
29th Mar 2013 17:44 - 11 years ago
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Description : So I made this track to see how high-quality of a song I could make using nothing but the stock plugins/instruments that came with my DAW. No VSTs or outside sounds were used in the making of this song. I think it turned out pretty great, but I'd Love to hear your feedback!
6th Mar 2013 18:14 - 11 years ago
Description : Well, this is my first track in awhile, and this time it's Liquid Dubstep. Now, I'm normally an EDM/House producer, but I'd say it turned out great! What do you think?

NOTE: If you want the stems, Email me at
29th Nov 2012 03:40 - 11 years ago
Description : I made this track just for you guys! I wanted to try my hand at hip hop, just for the experience. If you guys want to put some lyrics over this, be my guest! I would like to hear it when you're finished.
18th Jun 2011 00:36 - 13 years ago
Description : A track I made for my Dad. I used %99.54 looperman Loops. Listen for yours and give me feedback please!
9th Sep 2012 13:28 - 11 years ago
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Description : My Most Recent and Proudest work! I labeled it as House, But later realized that is was more of a trance song.

Let me Know what you think!

EDIT: If I get enough requests, I'll post the stems so you guys can Remix it!
20th Dec 2010 17:22 - 13 years ago
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Description : Little track I made yesterday. Made it using Loops and things that I and others made. Many thanks to HardstyleRythm for the Lead
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