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Description : It's been a long time but here's another song I made. It's just something I experimented with.

Tell me what you think or tell me what kinda of sound you would like to hear.


Tags : | Chill Out | 4.81 MB | Featured

Description : Sup people, this is a song I made a while back. I love to listen to this and just sit back and chillout with my friends (who also dig this song)


Tags : | House | 3.69 MB

Description : Hi there,

Another unfinished song made by me with FLstudio.
I uploaded it because I needs some opinions from you guys.
So I hope you like it and if you do please tell me why and if you don't please tell me why too :)


Tags : | House | 4.76 MB

Description : This is a short song I made with FL studio, I used the acapella from Elmovani that makes the song pretty cool. :)

Tags : | Electro | 5.37 MB

Description : Just a little song I made with FL studio.

I'm not that good and I know, so if you have any advice, please give it to me :)


Tags : | Electro | 5.92 MB

Description : Another Song made with Fruity loops.
I used 2 vocals ("This is energy"and "Bass drum") and that's pretty much it.
Thanks to the people below the track I added some high hats to make it a bit better. :)
It's not the best but I like to share all my stuff to get tips to improve ''n stuff.


Tags : | Electro | 5.94 MB

Description : Another song made with FLstudio...
I don't like everything of it but I do like the dark-kinda-bassline :) The high pitched tones are just something to make it a little bit ...fuller, idk.

Like the song or have any advice?, please tell me.
and don't forget to check my other tracks too.


Tags : | Electro | 6.30 MB

Description : Made with FL studio like always...

Don't really know what to say....enjoy and tell me what u like and what not.


Tags : | Electro | 6.07 MB

Description : Sup everyone :)

Yep, another song made with Fruity loops.
You prob. don't like everything and neither do I but I just enjoy making music so much so I share it anyways...

The synth's are pretty cool and all but the high-hats, snares kick and all that good stuff are pretty much the same every damn song.
It might be that way 'cuz I'm just a poor little boy that can't afford cool kicks,snares and high-hats or it's just because I'm still a noob (prob the second one :P) IDK.

Please give me advice and just tell me what u like and what not so I might improve. Hope you enjoy the song...


Tags : | Electro | 5.62 MB

Description : Hi there!
Another song made with FL, I think this is one of the best songs i've made so far!! It's not perfect (yet) but I just wanted to upload it already.

If you like it please tell me and if u don't like it please tell me why.


Tags : | House | 6.16 MB

Description : Made with FL studio like always...
I've used a acpella from someone from looperman but I don't know who it is so sorry for that,.

Hope you enjoy and dont forget to comment


Tags : | House | 5.15 MB

Description : Hi there,
Once again a track made with Fl-studio.
This time I made like a chillout song but it's still House ...i don't really know how to call it.^^"
Oh ye, I forgot to put in snares and highats but I made this track in half an hour so that's my excuse for that. :D

I used a acapella from "Djmiki" called "Lonely heart", so a big thanks to her ofc.

Anyways, I hope you like it, please comment about stuff you like and what u don't like....


Tags : | House | 6.13 MB

Description : Don't really know where to place this song, it's sort of a chillout house song (for the summe time :) ) I made it with FL studio like always so yeah.

Please tell me what u like and/or what not and don't forget to check out my other songs too


Tags : | House | 4.58 MB

Description : Totally not done with this one but I was just wondering what U guys would think about it.

Forget the last arp at the end cuz I forgot to take that out but it just sounds horrible.


Tags : | Electro | 3.66 MB

Description : Another unfisnished product by me.
Tell me what u think...


Tags : | House | 6.07 MB

Description : Hi there,

I made another track with Fl studio. I used an acapella that I've used before (From Djmiki) but I though it fit in pretty good.
I'm not totally happy with it but it's ok :)

Hope you like it and if you don't please tell me why.
Don't forget to check out my other songs!!


Tracks (16)