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Description : Sampling and playing with synth sounds is what I enjoy when I create. I'm not one for being stuck on a creation or plan what I'm going to create. So in return i have creating ugly tracks lol but also spontaneous good ones. I am my only critic. So all feedback is welcome. Enjoy

Description : Billie Eilish sample vocals. Enjoy

Description : Lil dark catchy raw beat. ENjoy

Description : I really don't know what genre this falls in. I got a lil crazy. ENjoy

Description : Loads of catchy chants and voxs. With super duper dope saxophone works. Really had fun with this. Enjoy


Description : Madonna sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : Pusha T sample vocals on catchy beat. ENjoy

Description : Korns Johnathan Davis sampled vocals. ENjoy

Description : Just creating the way i enjoy creating. Mashups of sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : Korn's Johnathan Davis sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : Reagaton beat with Arcangel sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : Some Arabic trap. vocals from YouTube. ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to AAP and King Marino for sharing this acapella. Wait for it. It gets intense lol. ENjoy

Description : Rick James bitch sample vocals lol. Hope I did them justice wasn't easy. ENjoy

Description : Now we're going to my sensitive side lol. Free to use just credit me. ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to LM's talented EmKay for sharing this acapella. ENjoy

Description : Catchy voxs with ample bass. ENjoy

Description : Catchy beat with male hook. I really like this one free to use just credit. ENjoy

Description : As said lets bounce people lol. ENjoy

Description : Pretty catchy crazy! Bells on here are euphoric! ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to LM's talented Derick Vickers for sharing this acapella. ENjoy

Description : Beyonce sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : Shout outs to my talented friend Patricia Edwards for sharing this acapella. Im back ya'll. And i have loads of content. Enjoy

Description : Remixed H.E.R track Slide. ENjoy

Tracks 1 - 25 of 49
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