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Description : Well what can I say?, this is my most complete and professional sounding track to date!! It totally rocks!!! Broody dark intro with deep strings and menacing sample edits leading to an outstanding drop!! the beats are fat the bass is dark, the automation and production is outstanding!! Tell me how this makes you feel!!! Safe Abel :^)

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Description : 2nd version of my new breaks track, it starts off gently then kicks you in the face!! It keeps tings rolling along with the help of some amen madness, then comes an awesome second drop with some acid tweek business thrown in for good measure! :^) I think it's pretty much finished,let me know what ya think, Safe Abel

Description : Pads, keys, beats, synth and sub, are the ingredients to this soulful D&B roller, have I got the recipe right so far? :^) Safe, Abel. Still work in progress with v2 i added a little automation and got the break nailed!! I think! lol let me know what ya think.

Description : Heavy heavy bass in this my second track using Cubase, massive is responsible for the earshattering sound that drives this track along!!! Crisp beats and a quality vocal sew it all up into a delicious chunk of D&B :^) im in the process of finishing the structure EQ ing and mixing down at the moment so any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated :^) Safe, Abel. UPDATE . . . . . . . Sorted this badboy right out ! wrap ter ears around this and enjoi ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Description : Funky progressive breaks!!!! Braaaapppp!!!

Description : Rolling D&B bizzness from the Abel!! This was my entry in a competition which I placed 2nd but the comp fell through!! Nevermind! :^) I changed the beat a little and heres the result!!! Safe Abel

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Description : Help!!! I need some serious constructive criticism with this one!! I just cant get a feel for the dubstep vibe and it's doing me in!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHGGG

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.73 MB | Featured

Description : my first scratch for about 6 months!!! Very rusty !! Some good cuts and some not so good! ! ! ! Oh and the beats are mine too, enjoi :^)

Description : Staunch beats, dreamy piano notes & a rollin bassline YES YES but it's nowhere near finished!!! I need some input !!!! PLEASE let me know what you think peeps!!! thnx :)

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Description : Chilled out bliss!! wanna go on a little journey? crank it up close your eyes lay back and off you go !!! :^)

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.38 MB

Description : I wrote this track about 4 years ago!!! but dont let that put you off, I made the bass from the initial patch on the malstrom one of my first efforts without using presets!! i think it rolls quite nicely!! what dyou think ? :)

Description : Ambient dreamy chords to start but thats just to give ya a false sense of security!! heavy amen edits and stabby bass parts give your ears a good bashing for real!!! not quite finished or mastered :) drop me a comment and let me know whats right or wrong wiv this track!! Safe Abel.

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Description : This is a funky number with some samples from a well known 1970s film, i made this about 5 years ago!!! so it is a little crude but has a great rhythm and a real funky bass! the samples are very muddy/hissy so dont be too cruel!!!!! Safe Abel :)

Description : I made this tune for a competition to do with the release of streetfighter 3 hence the samples!! anyone who likes streetfighter will love this !!! please review if poss!! Safe Abel :)

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Description : Just a little hip hop joint i made a while ago! i made a realy funky fuct up trumpet patch from scratch and added some beats and abit of 808 bass boom! would be great if anyone wants to spit over it so i'll make it downloadable, just give me a shout if youre gonna have a go as i would love to hear the finished rap!! Safe Abel

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Description : A real funky number with a jazzy feel!! i wrote this a coupl of years ago but it still stands up pretty well!!! Tell me what you think and whether its worth a re-vist? Safe Abel :)

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Description : I was sorting through my i-tunes library and i found this little beauty that i made in ....... wait for it .......... 2005! i thought this tune was lost forever having long since lost the reason song file, but it's back and here today!!! it sounds pretty damn good considering it was one of my first compositions ever!!! Go on loose yourself have a listen!!!!!! :^)

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Description : This quality breaks effort has electro stlyed beats with filtered apache fills and a nice little "all your bass" vocal courtesy of Travis Huckins , it's a tad linear but doesn't bore your ear in the slightest !!! review me please and i'll review you back!! Safe Abel :)

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Description : Well heres the second version of my first dubstep track, it's still not finished so comments and criticism are very welcome

Tags : | Breakbeat | 6.91 MB | Featured

Description : The build and drop on this badboy will blow ya mind baby!!!!

Description : This is the finished but unmastered version of my track "Hunted" :^)
I added a 1/2 time breakdown and a 3rd part to this badboy!!! Tweeked a few filters, fiddled with the autmation and resonated the reverb!! I think this is pretty much done, but you may be able to persuade me to think differently!?!
Would you release this ??

Description : Ruff tuff n dangerous!! Nowhere near finished but i'de love some input please peeps!!! Safe Abel :^)

Description : Thought I'd have a go at a chilled out liquid sort of track and heres what i came up with so far :^) let me know what you think, Safe Abel.

Description : my first track with cubase :^)

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