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Description : Bit of a tech style tune with a nice easy intro,big bassline when it kicks in nice roller plz leave a review thanks

Description : A heavy tune hence y i called it Sleepy Head cuz it will soon wake u up haha,not yet fin still workin on it but would appreciate comments on wot u think so far

Description : Ganja man ghetto tune not yet fin,jungle style nice n bouncy

Description : Nice build up intro heavy kick in,done this a while ago but thought id add it on here as i am doing with a few tunes today,not yet fin comments welcomed

Description : Tune i done a while ago just dug it out,mad intro nice beats not yet fin comments please

Description : Another i done a while ago,grinding bass hence y i called it grind em,few breaks in it not yet fin

Description : Dark tune i really njoyd making not yet fin but plz leave feedback

Description : Another one i dug up again not fin but was going nice when i made it,dark intro n warpingbassline comments please

Description : One i been doin recently its a dirty track with fairly simple but effective beats i reckon either way only a couple of mins long nowhere near fin but would appreciate feedback on wot u think so far thanks

Description : Im bk haha well afta a while of not been on here i got dis dark jump up 4 ya here,made all da patterns myself also done da lyrix myself hope u all njoy n any feedback welcomed

Description : Another jump up tune i done here,nice wobbly bass dat gets deep,nice buidl up 2 da tune n gets heavier as it goes on,made all patterns etc myself even lyrix,all i can say is 'rewind rewind pull up selecta yes man dem big tings n gwarn' haha,njoy -Siren-

Description : Easy flowin tune bit different to what i normally make,nice easy going intro which builds up to a nice jungle bass kick in thats bouncy

Tags : | Garage | 5.07 MB | Featured

Description : Old school sounding garage tune with sweet beats and sweet vocals from Nacole thanks Nacole,not yet fin but let me know wot u think

Description : Heavy roller its not yet fin but plz let me know wot u think so far

Description : Nice build up i think n jus gets heavier,plz leave a review

Description : I fort the title the crazy gang suited the tune jus right,its not quiet finished yet as u can tell its only jus over 3 mins long but plz listen n leave a review

Tags : | Garage | 3.03 MB

Description : Jus abit of da intro reli is all i done was asked 2 put it on uvawise i wudnt of

Description : Not quiet fin n not as hard as some of me other tunes but still got a good bounce i reckon

Description : Nice piano intro,bouncy track,sweet basslines n sweet lyrics from jeffierenne,one dat gets me rollin haha,plz leave a review thanks hope u njoy

Description : Nice build up i think but its not yet fin n is only jus over 3mins long plz av a listen n leave a review

Description : Bit of a mad roller not yet fin jus under 3 mins long plz let me know wot u think

Tracks 1 - 21 of 21
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