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(Street writer}
Lyrical Hip Hop Striking Daggers style
lyrics written and performed by Joey Bonez
intrumentle composed by ReddTune Productions
track also prod by ReddTune Productions

Description : THAT HEAD KNODDN HIP HOP!!!(the ILLEST DUO!!Looperman collab classics!!]
Striking Daggers The Mixtape Vol.2

Wise11 on the beat
Shatner and myself coming threw spittn lyrical daggers.
Track produced by Chocolate Shatner,Striking Daggers....(collab for the Loop...
hope yall enjoy..

Description : I love to give you visons threw my music.on what ever matter.This is a lil joint came about after listen to a phatty from (Striking Daggers/Looperman member)FunkyFresh.
about to bring you back to the beginings of my weed smoking with my best friend. kid I grew up with and still chill with 30m years brother for life .Davey,,,
Hope yall enjoy...

Description : Head Knoddn Hip Hop
off the mixtape (G Vegas to Culver City)Instrumental composed by (looperman member)HarderThanTheRest.
Bonez and Shatner you know doin what we do!!bringing Loopermans hip hop genre that real hip hop!!!
hope yall enjoy!!!
Striking Daggers All MF DAY!!

Description : Big shout to all yall out here doin ya thing!!!I See You!!Shout out to the Loop aswell!!
this joints beat composed By Nepaul{looperman member)
verse 1 my brother Shatner
verse 2 Joey Bonez
some more of that Striking Daggers Hip Hop for ya!!
pc and many thanks

Description : Leland Chapman(looperman member) on the Beat
vocals by Joey Bonez
Mixed and Mastered by
Striking Daggers

Description : Striking Daggers The Mixtape Vol.1

Shatner and myself just doing what we do for this Hip Hop.Hope yall enjoy!!!
Striking Daggers

Description : Striking Daggers the mixtape Vol.1

Beat composed by looperman member,Striking Daggers member FunkyFresh
rappers in order of flow
Joey Bonez,Shatner and Rick Masters

Striking Daggers all MF day!!!!

Description : Striking Daggers The Mixtape Vol.2
Beat composed by (looperman member/Striking Daggers member FunkyFresh
and of course on the rhyme flows
Joey Bonez.Shatner and Rick Masters!!!!

Striking Daggers all MF day!!

Description : beat by looperman member LikeScythe
something im working on for a future collab track.dropped a hook on it.thats all I got so far..let me know if yall feeln it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.26 MB | Studio One

Description : Hip Hop
beat by looperman member
Vocals by Joey Bonez

Description : Ruffmix
Beat composed by looperman member MonphyMusic
possibly the next Striking Daggers album intro track

feedback always welcomed
thanks looperfam!!

Description : Striking Daggers Hip Hop
beat creators (looperman members Ttribu,AJMunson
Vocals by JoeyBonez

Description : Underground Hip Hop Striking Dagger Style
composer of the beat is a looperman member(searching his/her name will have it soon..much respect for the iLL piece.....
dropped an allen watts samp in for the intro!vocals by myself an homie Shatner
mixed and mastered still in progress by myself.

always try to give yall that raw underground..hope yall dig!!mad love!!!

Description : You want real rap/hip hop with that 90z flava??
Another Striking Daggers Dungeon Cut Remix.
part of a mixtape project ive been working on in the lab.this is actually the 3rd joint to that!!..
track features Pone One,Chocolate Shatner and myself Joey Bonez.
if you enjoy the ruggedness!!leave a comment,many thanks!!

Joey Bonez
Striking Daggers MUzic...

Description : Instrumental prd by Homage
Vocals by
lil remix I threw together right after I heard this beat.quickly inspired me to drop my pella to it,uploaded my pella onto my MPK and and went from there.havent done no special mix and master to it so its raw...let me know what ya think though.

Description : That Classic underground hip hop looperman style
vocals written and performed by Joey Bonez
a.k.a BONEZ
Track Produced by Coney Island Records{looperman member}
This was a joint done back in 2009,decided to drop it back in loopyland hopefully yall feel it!!pc and many thanks....
Striking Daggers

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.79 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Striking Daggers mixtape Vol.2
Beat composed by looperman member Rentareefer
verse one Joey Bonez
verse two Shatner
prd by Striking Daggers

Description : RUFFDRAFT-still got to respit the verse. im not feeling my execution yet but another Striking Daggers Joint im in the lab with also to include a verse from Shatner.. beat composed by IAgrohone .witch i got hooked on instintly.dropped a sample on the beat an spit some lyrics,heres just a sample.mite be on a mixtape coming up..well

Description : THAT HEAD KNODDN HIP HOP!!!Looperman collab Classic !!
prd by Coney Island Records
lyricist in order of flow
Joey Bonez

you know what it is!!Striking Daggers all MF day!!

Description : instrumental provided by Ameno
verse 1 Shatner
verse 2 Joey Bonez
hook sung by Little Foxy
mix and mastered by Chocolate Shatner
Striking Daggers

Tracks 1 - 21 of 21
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