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Description : Searching For VOCALS!
Hey u guys on looperman, I'm doing a track with Virtual Desire and I'm searching for some vocals for the intro and the break (the part shortely before the end. This track is NOT finished yet. It may'll be more or less 7 minutes long and pls DON'T be disturbet about the empty parts, I don't have the patterns of virtual desire yet. I'm not a songwriter but the title name "lightning water" should be a part of it, may as a comparison or literarely. We'll try to let the vocals be in the intro and break as clean as possible and may we'll play around with them in the other parts of the Track. If u're interested, contact me here ore via

Thanks for listening and reading ;)

Greatz, Squennix

Description : It's a preview of a track I'm doing right now.

Tags : | Trance | 11.42 MB

Description : Notice: Sadly there's no genre section called psy-trance
This is a track I wanna send to a label... If somebody has inputs to make the track better you are pleased to write what comes you in mind in the comment section :)

Greats, Squennix

Description : Hey there, this is a track I started to make two days ago... It contains psy-trance with some dub-elements. It's not finished yet. And I'm looking for a vocalist to sing something in for this one.
The guitar in the end I recorded at four o'clock in the morning and I wasn't very concentrated, it will be re-recorded soon. If you are likely to do some vocals for it, please write me a comment or an e-mail @ .

Greats, Squennix ;)

Description : Hey people. This track is for showing you guys and eventually some labels the difference of the quality of music I did last year until now. I think somewhere around here you can find the old version of the track from 2016.
I also want u to - if you want to do some vocals vor this one - write me a message here or at . This collab request is only around here until 28th of april 'cause I want to finish this track somewhen ;) Thanks for reading
Genre: Psytrance/Fullon/Trance
Greatz, Squennix

Description : This is a song prepared for Vocals! If you're a songwriter and you can sing please send me some vocals may as a link in the comments section or to .
Then I'll remix and remaster the whole thing.

Thanks for listening

Tags : | Trance | 14.08 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : That's my new Song featuring eSoreni who did the nice text and the vocals. I pitched them up and changed the speed so I could do some progressive trance with my own inflouences. Enjoy :)

Description : This is a track mixing Trance with my own creative... effusions ;) Snares and high hats are made with two lighters and an energy drink.
SEARCHING FOR SOME VOCALS FOR THIS TRACK! If u're a good singer and u've got an idea for the text please contact me and if you have got some vocals already please send me them via a cloud website at in WAV. It's B Minor and 140 bpm. Greets: Squennix :)

Description : Hey there. I'm searching for vocals for this song. It's kind of minimal with my own influences. If you want to collab please write me e pn or via . I didn't make a text for it so be sure u can write a song ;)

Description : Hey! Enjoy my (unmastered) Morning-Progressive-trance-music. :)
I'm searching for VOCALS for the Intro. I would also use them in the beat parts but in my own creative style. I can't say what I'll do with the vocals because I know that only when I hear them.
If U're a singer please contact me until thirsday. Please write your text by yourself cause vocals are accually none of my issues ;)
Greatz, Squennix

Tags : | Trance | 16.00 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Hey! Just aaother track introducing the lovely voice of Ashley Apollodor :)
Hope u enjoy it!
If you like it please visit my or Apollodor's Soundcloud profile :)

Description : Hey I got the Idea to make just once something else, inspired by a barbeque. It's kind of minimal with my own influences. Guitar and piano were self-recorded and prepared and some samples you'll find on my track "Capture The Moment".

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