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Tags : | Breakbeat | 7.12 MB

Description : Used a new style for this one......cutting up the beats manually, quite painstaking but it sounds great.

lemme know what u think!......cheers!

Tags : | Electronic | 6.40 MB | Featured

Description : new track i did with a newly purchased m-audio axiom 49 midi keyboard.... very useful piece of kit!

No presets were used when i did this... every sound is designed by myself in logic and the drum track is made up of one shot samples that I processed and pieced together manually.

would appreciate any feedback.... thank you!

Tags : | Industrial | 2.43 MB

Description : First track i ever did, i think i had it uploaded when i first found this site under my actual name but i deleted it when i decided to hide behind ''Wave back, He's drowning''

but yeah, it aint that long, only about 2:00 but i love the bass drum... it was originally the kick drum of a kid toy drum kit but somehow i got it to sound huge.

let me know what you think! :D

Tracks 1 - 3 of 3