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Description : Just a little freestyle I recorded. I also produced the track! Feedback is encouraged! The track starts out to be a tad satirical to the stereotypical hip-hop culture (big chains, fast cars, etc.) but half way through it switches to a message to all the doubters.

Note: this track is also for sale on my Bandcamp site

Description : A song off of my upcoming mixtape! 1st and second verse written by myself, Drakon wrote and recorded the 3rd verse, 40 Lohh wrote and recorded the chorus, and blacklight produced the sleek instrumental! One of my best songs I've done so far. Enjoy!

Be on the lookout for "The Naked Truth Mixtape" coming soon!

Tags : | Rap | 8.87 MB | Adult Content

Description : Old Friends is exactly what the title suggests, past friends that grew apart. This is a very personal song to me. Writing the raps were very easy since they came from the heart but also they were hard to write since they are so true. The chorus just came to me outta nowhere but I new that it was the best fit for the song.

This will be a song off of "The Naked Truth Mixtape" coming out November 27th 2015!

Note: Some of you will recognize the beat if you played the video game "Transistor". It's a great game with a great soundtrack, I highly recommend it!

Tags : | Dance | 1.64 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : Hey guys! This is not something I would normally create but the mood just hit me and I went with it. This is just a short little dance type beat all in good fun. Hope you enjoy!

I would like to shout out some fellow users for letting me use their loops (in order of appearance):




Tracks (4)