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Description : Just messing around with what i found on the website. When i was putting it together all that i kept thinking about was the 28 days later soundtrack and how it inspired me to write a few odd things..which i havent posted yet, but im gettin there...this is something that popped in my pretty little skull..i hope you enjoy..and i would love to hear from all of you.

Im a noob at acid..so please bare with me.

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Description : i was bored

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Description : Eh..thought of E.T. phoning home..and well..this would be his buddies ring tone...hehe..im such a dork. Tell me your thoughts..i like to hear them.

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Description : I was dicking around with what i had in my sound library and oddly enough popped this out..tell me what you think.

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Description : Something I wrote while i sat in the hospital for a week. Had my laptop and my headphones brought to me so i could write something while i was on drugs...and oddly...i didnt write any of this...its all loops you guys put on here and i nabbed. Slap put the flutes on i know that, cuz i wasnt drugged up for that...but the rest i havent the foggiest as to who owns them SOOOOOO

If you do...let me know. That way I can thank you...

Its about a black horse i remember from when i was little.

I kind of think of Samurai and his armored horse riding when listening to it.

Again..if you know who made these loops let me know.

Slap..THANK YOU for the flutes.

Tracks 1 - 5 of 5