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Description : My old Ensoniq put out some interesting sounds back in the 90's.. Dusting them off. Let's see it in action.

Description : Bass piano with a package.

Description : My old Ensoniq synth piano run through a black box.

Description : Used a Black Box.. Pretty nice syncopated echo

Description : Actually built from a synthesizer app on my iPad.

Description : Simple strum... on an iPAD? Yes.

Description : Simple Octave Punches. Higher than Bass A

Description : Simple Octave Punch. Old Ensoniq Synth

Description : 3 simple notes, as a building block. Built on iPad. Sounds lousy on Looperman, but ethereal when looped in true software.

Description : Growling bass with portamento rises. Goofing with my iPad and Nanosync.

Description : Echoing Piano Chord good for a turnaround

Description : Electonic Fog Horn Pulse. Or Tasty Bass. You decide.

Description : High pitch bass . One Measure. Made with iPad and Acid.

Description : Rhythmic fuzzy bass (pulsing at 100 bpm)
Created with iPad and Acid

Description : Synth bass, with dark echo melody that resolves.

Description : Synth bass that almost sounds fretless. Done on the iPad on a lark.

Description : Created using Nanostudio on the iPad.

Description : Took a useless Magix vst synth, ran it thru some doo-dads and sprinkled in some metallic reverb. Use As Directed. (unless prohibited in your state.)

Description : Old Ensoniq VFX Piano patch. Has hint of string, but stays piano. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Description : Time to make the donuts. Industrial. Built in Acid, not ON Acid.

Description : As the title says, shotgun effect drum. Best as a fill. Old drum of mine through the Black Box.

Description : Methodic 4/4 beat with metallic twinge. Acid loops played through a Black Box.

Description : Slightly grimy metallic bass guitar through the Black Box.

Description : 2 chord progression from Acid, through the Black Box.

Description : Minor piano chord echoing through the black box.

Loops 1 - 25 of 38