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Description : thin, upbeat, and eager for accompanying drums

Description : xpand arps over a couple chords on a preset i "sound designed" myself. no eq or mixing done cuz a i dont feel like it and 2 you can do whatever to it

Description : 1/8step hat
pierre kick and pattern
doesn't get simpler

Description : wrldview hihat
clap from lunch77 pierre kit
No Lie Snare
1400 open hat
gass 808
808 is mixed using my magic bass sauce, hmu if u want it

Description : no specific artist was in mind making this, just catchy hi hats, booming 808s, a punchy kick and a clap

Description : used serum and electra, halftimed and threw some shaperbox on a pretty weird melody, then EQ'd to make it sound better. I'll leave compression, delay and reverb up to you. anyways i couldn't get any drums i could make to work with this melody so hopefully someone on here can make a banger with it.

Description : whole lotta xpand!2 used here.
lots of mid/side EQ to thin and widen the sound so vocals sit right smack in the middle, while the melody plays as a catchy backdrop. definitely not the companion melody to my drums i last uploaded.

Description : pee air born
i spent an hour EQing this so please make good use of this
fun stereo and mono reverb FX helps it drive ambient melodies forward.
yet another loop vastly improved by the holy preset itself, OTT
808 pattern is D# x3 C# x3 D#

Description : spanked these with some hard compression. also they are intentionally distorted. i overdrove the loop 6db just by turning it up til i liked it, then resampled the clip version, and threw some glue on it. something about the kick tickles your brain

Description : it's a drum loop so no fun FX besides EQ and compression, maybe a bit of reverb.
kit is the f1lthy one from lunch77 on reddit

Description : fixed the quality. fortunately it wasn't a bad mix just a bad export lmao

Description : good for bouncy banger trap beats

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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