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Description : idkkkkkk

Description : A piano loop inspired by XXXTentacion, I couldn't come up with good vocals, let me know if you can

Description : I don't usually post drums, so here's a bouncy trap drum loop

Description : piano loop by me

Description : waiting for something

Description : A loop I found in a month old project.

Description : some guitar I played that reminds me of the neighbourhood

Description : yet another old drum loop i made, song never got finished

Description : liked the chords from the song Tek It so I made my own loop

Description : some guitar I played and reversed. it's in G minor so add it to anything in that key

Description : random beat I found in an old project file

Description : prey waits

Description : boy pablo esque loop

Description : lil peep would've killed this

Description : Got my first electric guitar so get ready for a lot of loops.

Description : Made with LABS

Description : Some sad MIDI Guitar chopped up for you.

Description : A different chord variation of a sad piano.

Description : Sad piano for you to use.

Description : picking chord progression from my song "seperate ways"

Description : indie but no reverb

Description : Reverbed acoustic guitar.
Chords: Cadd9, G6, A7, D7

Description : disappear

Description : Part one

Description : Part two

Loops 1 - 25 of 58