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Description : I started messing around in Alchemy and lost 2 hours lol

Description : But for real.

How you supposed to cleanly loop a pad loop?

Description : I hate pad loops.

They never loop good for me

Description : Figured Id upload something

Description : Mumbles for a track that was supposed to sound like some old sample

Description : Just wait til I find out the secret to those billboard melodies

Description : I should've put tremolo on the pluck

Description : Im tired and going to sleep. I'll see ya later

Description : Like if the lead in Beat It was super slow but like fast

Description : It's like that old Michael Jackson

Description : Seriously, I was trying to make a trap melody

Description : I have no idea what I'm doing

Description : Still loud and pretty raw

Description : Raw and Loud

Description : Same as before with some reverb

Description : First loop be easy god

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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