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Description : Man I'm just messing around pushing keys. Check my profile to find me online.

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Description : New VST to play with. For more info on me, check my profile

Description : Ryan Deshawn - Really want some better choir sounds. Gonna have to start messing with Kontakt more. Never really messed with it that much but I know it has some great choir and orchestra sounds.

Description : Ryan Deshawn here. New versions, new VSTs, new sounds, same magic!

Description : Back to Ableton.

Description : Played around with Reason for a hot second.

Description : Reason + Ableton = Life

Description : Ableton is king!

Description : Omnisphere Omnisphere Omnisphere!

Description : Back Like I never Left!

Description : Find me on the web. Lets link up.

Description : Find me online. Lets link up...

Description : Find me online. Lets link up.....

Description : Posted a loop a couple days ago with this same sound. It had a little extra melody in it. Had some people ask me for just the pads. Here they are....Enjoy.

Description : It calls me (The Music).

Description : Hello Oberheim.

Description : Putting more hours in. Mastery is the goal.

Description : Wanna get in contact with me, check my profile out for contact info.

Description : Back in my bag.

Description : 808s needed on this one. Yall can hit me on

Description : Almost didn't upload this to keep working on it. But I love the idea of giving and helping. I feel this is one way I can do so. By sharing my creativity and allowing others to create with me.

Description : Hope this helps somebody out.

Description : Another day of work.

Description : Yep Yep.

Loops 1 - 25 of 120