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ThomasImprovisations 18th Sep 2022 13:52 -  1 year ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
you have lots of creativity
mikeed 21st Jun 2021 07:53 -  2 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Cool! Love it!
JustKent 23rd Apr 2021 19:30 -  3 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Excelent track, needs some lyrics and vocals
Lsdjfhk 3rd Jan 2021 20:09 -  3 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Sweet nice and tight why no downloads?
krotan 27th Jul 2020 15:29 -  3 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Balanced, vigorous composition...
GrimmTheFiend 30th May 2020 03:33 -  4 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
frankjavo65 30th Jan 2020 03:12 -  4 years ago

on Mile-Deep Island by Evisma
gracias por compartir
traz75 2nd Nov 2019 13:39 -  4 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Wow. Just wow...
Some of the best guitar tones of the site in work!
Regards, traz
thechockehold 1st Nov 2019 18:00 -  4 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Extremely fine work. Just put some rev on snare aaaaaaand it wil be 100% my taste.
stickegreenz730 10th May 2018 15:50 -  6 years ago

on Hypnoculars by Evisma
Hey Ev...

love this track, amongst others...i'm a huge Tool fan and picked up on a bit of Justin Chancellor in your sounds and rhythms...i'm a lyricist who is interested in writing to some of your tracks...i tried contacting you but you had it disabled. if you're interested please message back or text me at 631-seven6six-3789...thanks, Gregg
AulaM 10th Mar 2018 11:54 -  6 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Brother you are great !!! awsome song !!!
007malinois 5th Mar 2018 15:05 -  6 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Absolutely Superb! Dream Theater comes to mind.
Love the drive and power from this. Thank you for your contribution.
Metabolic 14th Jan 2018 16:13 -  6 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
Hot damn!

Why I've not clicked one of your tracks before I don't know.

This is great.

I'm getting a Tool vibe. This is crying out for vocals.

I'll certainly be clicking the next.
Evisma replied 20th Jan 2018 - 6 years ago
I appreciate the kind words.
I am working on a track with vocals at the moment. Finishing a lead guitar solo at the end and it should be ready for critique. Thanks for giving this a listen. Not used to doing vocals, but I'm trying to be a jack of all trades. Thanks again!

DeaDResT 6th Nov 2017 10:08 -  6 years ago

on Empty Vessels by Evisma
Loved the track bro! It gave me some inspiration on the way you mixed the track. Really good Job Evisma. A real pleasure listening to your tracks :)
Mykael 5th Nov 2017 19:59 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
Hiya Evisma! I love the high energy of this track and the intensity of the guitars. At this juncture, you are probably gonna HATE me! LOL

I would let the song speak for itself and nix the soundbite. The organ/strings (0:29) sounds very 90's to my ear. I'd either drop it or replace it with real strings. I'd give the first transition a bit more punch, maybe roll the drums (1:27). The second transition I actually had to listen to several times before I got it; and when I finally got it...pretty damn awesome!


BLEEP 5th Nov 2017 09:17 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
wow really good track! the organ bring an old school touch in the render! i liked of courses the guitars play but i'm more attentive with the bass whose line is obsiouvly brilliant.
really good work Evan, congrats!
crucethus 5th Nov 2017 01:17 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
I fel that this is a giant release of energy from you. I'm not even going to critique what i heard yet, but just feel that emotionally you are letting off a lot of hidden steam.
theHumps 2nd Nov 2017 12:41 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
Hey man, summer keep you busy? Sounds like someone's been practicing!

I do like what you were doing during the bridges, were you finger tapping the strings on the neck of the guitar or picking it? They were good changes that lead to built up guitar expressions that sounded pretty damn good if you ask me! Let it all out Evan, Hell Yeah!!

I knew a Celeste once. Didn't sound like her. Where do I send the check again? I'm a believer. ;)

Take care.

Evisma replied 2nd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Greetings, Master Wayne.

Summer has kept me a bit busy. I've taken up bass fishing, which has become an unhealthy addiction.

Bridges were picked on an acoustic with my fingernail. They are very short, but I write nearly every riff fingerstyle on an acoustic, then assign lines to different roles. I've never gotten into tapping.

Give Celeste my warmest regards.

Take care.
Nodog 31st Oct 2017 21:02 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
Evisma your guitar work is really top notch i really dig what you did here. Best regards robbie.
Evisma replied 2nd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Appreciated. I dig your stuff as well. Have a good one.

Take care
toastedavalanche 30th Oct 2017 14:24 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
This is so freaking good. The guitar tones are gorgeous, the transitions are bold, but well done and the riffs are inspired. Loving the bass sound as well. Oh and who doesn't love a good organ section.
Favourite bit has to be the break at 1:27 and the whole middle section. It's progressive, trippy goodness. It builds anticipation as we prepare for the next heavy section (which does not disappoint).
Definitely a fave!

Evisma replied 2nd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Hey, Mr. Avalanche, I'm very glad you liked it. I hear a lot of issues with it, but I think that's everyone who creates their own music. Still, I really appreciate the kind words from someone I'm a fan of.

Take care
mindhiest 30th Oct 2017 03:01 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
I don't have a long analysis on this, but I love different sound of each section. the birdges are amazing on the change ups. great job.
Evisma replied 2nd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
I appreciate the kind words.

Take care
StaticNomad 29th Oct 2017 09:20 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
Pleasant greetings, Northern Licker.

You have been rocking and I have been listening.

Your money-hungry minister doesn't do a whole lot for me but it's short so doesn't matter. Rocking quickly starts and the riffs are instantly fairly compelling. Only problem is the drums. They're pounding away in a fairly nondescript manner until 0:48, when things get clearer and a bit more spacious. Maybe too much crash up till then. Hard to fault it but something is a bit off. Sorry I can't help more.

0:28 organ is a useful addition.

1:26 a bit of an abrupt change but what it goes into is nice. Twinkling celeste.

1:37 that's much more spacious. Nice toms. Things are clearer with less/no poundage going on. Lead starting 1:37 makes me think a bit of A Perfect Circle, as does that whole middle section. Best part of the track.

1:57 rumbling bass is warm and groovy. Lead g is decent.

2:30 your quirky little froh appears and then gets stomped on and blasted to the back of the rom but thrashing, soaring lead work. Maybe the end section and first section drums are lacking low end. Kick is hard to pick out. Maybe it's all too much cymbalage and that's creating a bit of a wall of punding drum noise.

Nice end section soloing. Except 3:29 ending is too abrupt.

3:22 to end perhaps remove that palm muted backing guitar. Let the delayed solo ring out. Try it and see.

This is good, progressive shit but simply needs a couple of better transitions and more work on two drum sections.

Static Flickermad, more than just a little curious how you're planning to go about making your amends to the dead.
Evisma replied 2nd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Yo, latex licker.

Maybe the minister wasn't meant for you and doesn't want to do anything for you. Without a donation, you aren't of too much use to him.

Drums are always an issue for me. Im trying to get an old drummer friend of mine to get his E-kit working in the free key I gave him of StudioOne. Have him trigger some midi for me, though I should just use the pads on my midi controller.

I'll get in there and make some changes.

Evan, mistaking nods for an approval.
Neomorpheus 28th Oct 2017 22:21 -  6 years ago

on Northern Flicker by Evisma
Good to see you back here again Evan, was missing you and wondering your whereabouts. I see you were busy and this new track is definitely worth the wait. I'm not sure of the intent with the intro sound bite but I am not a fan of many of these modern day televangelist's. But there are also some good ones that I do like very much. In regards to the music, I like the structure and the way you start this off with a bridge or chorus section before hitting more of a main line groove, which is pretty strong, I really dig it. Then we hit the bridge prefacing the next section with a real slick tempo shift. Man that mid section kicks off with some poly metered off beat stuff that is waaaay cool bro. The guitar and bass here is totally bitchin, I love it. I could have listened to a few more bars of that pretty easy. Another bridge and another progression with some nice lofty high register lead mixing delay effected slides and scales that guides it right to the creshendo ending. Wonderful man. Its a great example of progressive rock featuring some tremendous guitar and bass work. You could definitely make it different but making it better might be pretty tough. At least in my opinion !
Evisma replied 29th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Greetings, Mr. Morpheus.
I appreciate the kind words. I've been sitting on this one and a few others for a while. A lot of failed continuations and redos.
As for the soundbite, I only have issues with spiritual leaders who are clearly taking advantage if their followers. The guy in the soundbite was telling people to write hot checks to prove their faith. This particular guy was really bad. There are a lot of community and fellowship-minded churches that I believe have very positive effects. This guy is not one of them.

I hope all is well with you.

StaticNomad 13th Sep 2017 00:05 -  6 years ago

on Empty Vessels by Evisma
Naughty Mr E, still not replying to some of the comments left on his tracks.

I managed to upload my latest track but can't listen to anyone else's so that's why I'm leaving this comment here.

Here's my latest and you might like the title but perhaps not much more. Grooving cellout, no badassery. Give it a go:

Dumbasswolf 11th Sep 2017 23:40 -  6 years ago

on The Waves Between Ship And Shore by Evisma
wow some of the guitars are just great sounding.
Evisma replied 25th Dec 2017 - 6 years ago
Using Guitar Rig 4 on a lot of my newer stuff, and recording DI. Thanks for the kind words.
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