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  • From : Pretoria, South Africa
  • Joined : Sun 22nd Oct 2017, 1 year ago

About Me

I am the creator of the band "DeaDResT" and "Dimensie" - DeaDResT is a melodic metal core band and Dimensie an Afrikaans hard rock band. I am situated in South Africa and a passion for heavy PHAT guitars :P

DeaDResT currently consists of Myself (Mario) and my Beautiful wife as vocalist (Samantha)...

Instruments I play

I play Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and use midi interfaces.

Guitar brands I own:

Gibson Les Paul Solid body
Jackson Randy Rhodes
ESP Viper (Cheapy but sounds PHAT!)
SX Poison... (Don't ask... this one is for those odd sounds one sometimes require)
Hohner (Purple Test model which there were only 20 produced... Expensive, but SOOOO worth it. THis was my main guitar before I got my Jackson Randy Rhodes :)

Software I Use

Cubase Pro 9 and Cubasis for iPad
FL Studio 12 Producer edition with signature plugin bundle
Ableton Live 9
Guitar Pro 6
Celemony's Melodyne 4
Hornet Plugins
Tascam Audio Editor

Hardware I Use

Alesis Multimix16 Firewire Mixer and Audio interface.
Tascam DP24 SD.
Alesis DM6 electric drumkit.
Yamaha PSR550 performance keyboard.
Alesis Q49 midi controller.
Ableton Push 1st generation.
Studio Projects B-Series condenser microphone set
Shure SM58, Samson cheapies and Gemini wireless microphones.
Harmon/Kardon (JBL) Studio monitors.
Alesis IODock for Ipad
Various Boss Pedals... which includes the VE-20 Vocal performer. The MetalCore and powerstack ST-2 guitar pedals. I also use the Boss noise suppressor pedal.
Samson DI-Boxes.
For fun I use a 70watt Laney Hardcore guitar amp. For Live shows I mic up the amp with the DI-Box speaker line out and from the DI's output straight into the mixer and pan the two inputs 60% left and right. This way you get best of both worlds and get a nice FULL PHAT live guitar sound that almost sounds like two guitarists playing the same thing in perfect sync... ;)

Listening To Right Now

We are Currently listening to:

September Mourning
Lamb Of god
New Years Day
Motionless in White
Lacuna Coil
Black Veil Brides
Nyxx (Found this by accident and LOVE it, even if it is not metal... It should be :P )

...We'll make everything metal... hehehe

10 Favourite Albums

Too many to mention... o_O

My Influences / Fav Artists

Metallica - James Hetfield wre my biggest inspiration.
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Garbage - Still have a crush on Shirley Manson
Lamb of god - One of the best bands EVER!
Architects (UK) - Sad about the guitarist... Their albums makes a lot of sense since the news broke.
Amaranthe (Sweden) - Weird but really amazing band
New Years Day
Marilyn Manson - It's all about showbiz ;)
In This Moment - Best role Model and humanitarian EVER!!! Maria Brink has my fullest respect.

... I am adding here to acknowledge all the amazing musicians that inspire new ideas all the time ;)

.. will add to the list as there are a lot of influences on the music I create.

My Music Sounds Like

Melodic Metal core combined with a hint of trance

In My Other Life I ...

am working in IT ... do Tattoos for a hobby and spend most of my time with My beautiful wife and two Children ;)