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Description : Prod by me (mari)
Vocals by Noah styles( yes that styles)

A demo to a track on our mixtape! Let me know if you like the Vibe!

Always looking for collabs as well!

Description : So this is the situation I really like the track but this is from my day’s where I didn’t know how to fix cracking pre mix. And I don’t have any stems vocals or beat because I broke my computer does anyone know a post mix work around to fix minor cracking? Let me know what you think I can do or just how you feel about the track.thanks!! This was made on logic but now I use fl studio!

-also always looking to work with artist!

Description : I really don’t know how to make techno music at heart. So really I’m asking if this a full product because I personally don’t know. I know I have to fix vocals but everything else? I need you looperman to let me know if you like this and if I’m doing right I guess?

Description : I feel as though I really progressed as a producer. Let me know if im doing things right I guess? Is it a bump? I feel like I really have my own vibe now!
I would also love to work with others!

Best Regards,

Description : I make a space trap vibe as my bass sound. I would love to know how people think of it! Tips are welcomed and encouraged I love feedback! Thanks


Description : Tell me what you think of my track before I go ahead and release it. Real feedback please!

Sample from kingdom hearts.
All other original sounds.
Vocals by Lord Burns

Description : I rap today again and oh yeah look at that i produced it as well. Let me know what you think!
If you decide to download it let me know in the comments!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.93 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Dropping soon just a dirty mix me and my friend made tell me what you think! Thanks!!

Description : This is my new track "Private" after my last track did really well with looperman. This is my original beat as well. Im looking for some help with mastering preferably free help and i would love to give credit or somebody to point me in a direction. Also just let me know if you like it!

Description : I produced the beat And I don't rap or anything like that but today i got on the mic and played around let me know!

Description : This is the first track ive made that gives me the chills. I appreciate this track. I hope you do too. All sounds were created by me. Let me Know what you think!
Also possibly looking for somebody to lay down lyrics!!

Tracks 1 - 11 of 11
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