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6th Jun 2007 14:32 - 17 years ago
Description : Was never happy with the original mix of this track and so it was redone a few times. This is just one of them. I like this one but the drums never sounded right to me
6th Jun 2007 14:20 - 17 years ago
Description : Live guitars and bass, programmed drums, played the keys, fx etc. Maybe a bit over compressed during the mastering.
6th Jun 2007 14:12 - 17 years ago
Description : Was messing with the tempo delay on my guitar fx and ran this track through it. As the name suggests the track kinda plods along and has its fair share of atmosphere
6th Jun 2007 14:07 - 17 years ago
Description : This was done in fruity loops I think and then added some guitar chop loops that I think you can download here. Kinda weird , dubby , echoey track. This track started life on a day when I wasnt happy with everything Id made so far so scrapped it and hence a new start
6th Jun 2007 14:02 - 17 years ago
Description : Recorded live bass and built track around that. Has some vododer on some of the drum loops and a touch of vocals that were recorded in go
6th Jun 2007 13:56 - 17 years ago
Description : Another track where a loop recorded on an acoustic guitar grew into a track. Recorded some violin loops too and a friend sang the lyrics in four passes and all were used as harmonies. Some interesting fx by scratching electric guitar strings with delay
6th Jun 2007 13:49 - 17 years ago
Description : Bought a Roland guitar synth and this track came from using that. Flutes, bass, keys etc all played on guitar. In fact everything was apart from the drums
6th Jun 2007 13:40 - 17 years ago
Description : An attempt at writing a deep house track. Recorded in some guitar, chopped out some loops and built the track around it. Not sure if you could call it a deep house track though but there you go.
6th Jun 2007 13:30 - 17 years ago
Description : Started off with the guitar loop and built a lazy kind of track on the top
6th Jun 2007 13:15 - 17 years ago
Description : Sounds of the sea and trippy acidy washes with a cool beat and some live acoustic guitar. Written in Cubase with live guitar and keys etc. The sound of the sea and birds was recorded on the beach where I used to live. After moving to the city one sunny day I was telling stories to a friend about living by the sea and started making this track.
Tracks (10)