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Description : Hiphop instrumental. Not nearly finished.
Looking for a collab with a rapper.

Tags : | Trip Hop | 5.75 MB

Description : Finished.
You can download it on soundcloud:

You can hear the original on youtube.

Tags : | Trip Hop | 13.79 MB | Featured

Description : This is the final name. Mastered and almost finished.
Weird mix of Breakbeat, Techno and some hidden Lammar samples.
Download at:

Description : Finished song.
Download at Soundcloud:
Not sure what this is.
Got some weird mixes up in there. Some gangsta trap vibes mixed with some fast paced action movie soundtrack at the end.

There's also a Matrix sample in there.

Description : Finished.
Download and follow at:

Samples from looperman, including users:

Description : Rock/metal triphop track.
Composed and produced by Mind D Ark, using some samples from
Featuring Warren Price, Tobias Renault and Bradley Malcolm on the vocals.

This wasn't a easy prod. Working long distance with 3 rappers who are also amateurs like me and don't really have access to the best equipment.

Description : Chill hiphop track with a bit of gangsta/sad vibes.
Sampled from Naruto OST and Silver Lights by Coconuts.
Quite simple and direct structure, 2 verses, 2 chorus.
Mix_2 Master_1

Description : Download at:

Mix-2 Master-3 Tell me what you guys think.
Darker and heavier than most my other songs, still chillout and kind of epic in that final bit.
Main sample taken from doom song "White Dwarf" by Zoroaster

Tags : | Trap | 7.47 MB

Description : Download here:

Named and finished.
Trap drum track, Boss Nova and Jazz influences, pretty chill with strong beat.
All from looperman's samples.

Tags : | Trap | 8.22 MB | Colab Request

Description : Finished and named.
Not as complex as my other songs. All samples from Looperman.

Looking for a rapper for this one.
Follow me here:

Tags : | Trip Hop | 8.36 MB

Description : It's a rock composition I wrote many years ago on Guitar Pro 5.2
Recorded the guitars and bass there and brought it to ableton live and joined drums and other samples.
It's a 120bpm agressive triphop beat with jazz elements.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.30 MB

Description : Another trippy hip hop track sampled from looperman and Pointbreak by The Bambi Molesters.
Mastered and finished.

Description : Download this album for free at:

Actually my first song.
Sampled heavy from
Fusion trip-hop.

Description : Download this album for free at:

Hip-hop trip-hop sampled from looperman and Gweedo Weedo by Truckfighters.
Stoner and psychadelic elements, gangsta bassline for the end.

Description : Download this album for free at:

Trip-hop with psychadelic rock elements.
Sampled from Wild Goose by Sungrazer along other free samples from looperman. Chill out triphop instrumental with stoner and psychedelic elements.

Tracks 1 - 15 of 15