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Tags : | Trap | 7.50 MB | Featured
Description : Various artist - alen9r, anthoroid, hyster 1a, kuesopop, lankframpard, zsb410.My fusion with trap and twerk plus class one rap by Mrshammi.
Tags : | Crunk | 2.94 MB
Description : Twerk music
Tags : | Rap | 8.17 MB | Adult Content
Description : That NEW new club banger by yours truly. All audio/vocal production done by me, JT. Thanks to ProgressBeats for the East Coast Drums, and thanks to WeazelBeats for the Twerk and Clap Snare. Looperman giveth unto me, and I giveth back. Like the song? Download it from my Soundcloud page! (Or just listen to it here on never ending repeat)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.73 MB
Description : something for the clubs twerk till yall drop
Tags : | Trap | 1.98 MB | Adult Content
Description : The Ultimate twerk song
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.43 MB
Description : Some CaliLuv in this shit, Ladys gonna Twerk on it enjoy it an give me an Feedback thanks a lot #OTF #BITCH
Description : My work on the a capella Rar'charm - Twerk It
Tags : | Dubstep | 4.34 MB
Description : I don't know if this is techno twerk or dubstep... or a mix of both... Anyway, have fun listening this and post something if you like!!
Tags : | Trap | 7.39 MB
Description : Was listening to the original a few days ago, and thought why not remix it? Free download:
Tags : | Trap | 1.04 MB
Description : a short preview of a twerk song which is in progress.
Tags : | Trap | 4.37 MB | Featured
Description : Made this one for a friend who likes to twerk. Also first post! Hi :D
Tags : | Trap | 8.23 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Download it #Bass #Twerk #trap #Music
Description : Title says it all.
Tags : | Trap | 8.56 MB
Description : This isn't my type of music (this is twerk music by the way) but trying new things is fun for me and I gave it a go, so far my friends love it hope you guys will too. Just want to say Thank you to Straxx for some killer loops. Keep it up man and hope you won't mind me using them from time to time. Well Listen, Comment, Fav, Download, ENJOY!!!
Tags : | Rap | 3.68 MB | Adult Content
Description : Ar$ featuring IS (Produced by Merv Bo|Samples from ebaby8119)
Description : My 2nd attempt at producing twerk music. unfinished. feedback is always appreciated. :)
Description : preview of a twerk song that is in progress. comment you oppinion or if you want to collab. :)
Description : Latest Track by DJ Vicky. Music Produce By DJ Vicky. Rap is done By Mrshammi.
Description : K.O /French rap (Grizzmine) Rarcharm /(Looperman) Prod:Durban poison/Mixtape vol4
Tags : | Rap | 2.66 MB | Adult Content
Description : heard the loop added a drum paste some lyrics i had added a catchy hook and BAM! there you have it.
Tags : | Trap | 5.16 MB | Colab Request
Description : Tempo: 80bpm / Produced by BlaqPain / Good for Strip Clubs and Twerk Music / Luv to hear your work on this
Tags : | Trap | 9.14 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : It's finally here. This trap/ twerk tune is finally sounding the way I want it to. After constantly re-working my original, I am set on this one, just in time for the New Year too! Grab some good speakers/headphones and crank this! Thanks for the listen and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.91 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : One Of My Best Twerk Beats #Hann #leggo #Leave Comments Below on how you feel about da beat If you like **Copyrighted Beat**
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.93 MB
Description : still very rough, trying to twerk it out. any comments good or bad help. happy listening
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