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Description : the final preview of the song I've been doing on radio version and is a music like deep house but is a mix of classical music with flute and piano with electro house and electric guitar and I want to thank MrFunktastic for the loops used in music .... thank you

Tags : | Dance | 4.49 MB | Featured

Description : classical instruments with electronic

Description : Hip Hop track fused with old school, a bit of new school, some classical pieces and a marching band feel. Created in FL Studio 10. No loops or samples. Hope you guys like this one. This is my official return to looperman. Feels good to be back. Download and have fun with it. Would love to hear what others put to it.

Tags : | Dance | 4.34 MB

Description : All classical instruments

Tags : | Classical | 5.44 MB

Description : This is another piano piece that I decided to share with you guys and allow you to use it, if you think it may be useful. This is 100% self composed and I hope you enjoy. I would catagorize this genre as Classical Goth. If you use this, please be sure to give credit where credit is do, Thanks.

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.67 MB

Description : A short track with classical elements built around RomyHarmony's Humanity In Disguise acapella.

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.53 MB

Description : After a couple of different genres of tracks, i got back to make a cinematic track again.
The track is divided in two pieces, it starts up tempo en it flows over in a semi-classical intermezzo up to a up tempo with orchestral segments. The title speaks for it self, composed and made all in ableton. I hope you pass by to listen to this story

Tags : | Pop | 3.34 MB

Description : pop?acoustic?etnic,chillout classical???duhhhh
im lost...

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.48 MB

Description : The best way to describe this track is classical meets modern electronica.

I am very excited about this piece as I really went deep into the cinematic side of things.

As for the title and cover...well I have always been fascinated with Angels and Samandiriel is the angel of imagination.

Special thanks to:
Kenny Lee & LoopsLab

Description : This is a beat I came up with using a loop by loopfreak. Its a classical piano with a twist of my hiphop style along with that storytelling feelin I always seem 2 provide!

This is the loop I used:

Tags : | Classical | 4.42 MB

Description : c: I love classical remixes. Comment if you do too :D

Tags : | Classical | 8.59 MB

Description : Hi my FANS
To move from the classical to a drama in the psychedelic
was a real challenge for planet jazz bass and me ...
But ... we have overcome
Thanks to David and his talent
...and have FUN

THE LINK in my reply is false..
here the right:

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.68 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A piano-song I recorded some years before. It came up as a kind of parody on classical stuff. I really tought about putting it into the "comedy"-genre, but on the other hand, when I listen to it, sometimes I really like it. Well, it's a tiny track, that doesn't want to be taken too serious...

Tags : | Orchestral | 4.67 MB

Description : This is a track that I made with Fl Studio, and Ableton Live. I'ts a classical track with a beat. I Hope you like it!!

Tags : | Classical | 4.66 MB

Description : A very nice laid back piece. Romantic at best.
Credits go to:
alividlife: An idea Rhodes 120
ShorBusMusic: Rhodes in F7-C7-Am7-F7, Rhodes in Dm9-Am9-G13-G.
TaraToxic: Reverse Crash
Dj4Real: Flute Wails, Flute Wails2
Devodale: MUSICBX AmFDmE 051109
Siggi Baldersson Drums: SB Ride Bell1
Acid Loops Standard Collection: Discrete Drums II
GameboiX: Slow Beat 1, Slow Beat 4

This is a romantic piece. Not fast but very carefully and lovingly put together.Didn't know what Genre so it's under Classical.
Hope you all enjoy.

Mr. P

Tags : | Classical | 6.76 MB

Description : Bought EWQL and finally got it all installed yesterday. Here's a quick test piece.

Tags : | Fusion | 9.83 MB

Description : Three piece sound,Nylon electric classical guitar/Fretless electric bass/Drums...looking for that little combo sound you get in small clubs sometimes,but without the jeers and catcalls! lol

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.25 MB

Description : Classical mixed with Dubsteb sounds good my second Dubstep please be kind ...please comment

Tags : | Classical | 7.15 MB

Description : CLASSICAL

find more by watching and listening

Tags : | Glitch | 3.94 MB

Description : Key of C
Tempo is 140
I played all the instruments. Drums, bass, guitar, violin, cello, synths, and computah.
Mixing Classical (sucky), Drum and Bass, Glitch, Rock, Dubstep, (drums)... but I have yet to pull anything off fully at the drop around 1:43.
I have about 3 tangents on the theme that are working for me, but it really sounds reminisce of stuff I did with SIENsystem if you ask me.

Made with real instruments and re-sequenced and mucked with in ableton.

Thanks for listening... I think I will probably cut this one into loops eventually and distribute it freely to the community.

Tags : | Glitch | 3.64 MB

Description : Its another French Revolution themed song, using classical loops, piano. Its 100 bpm, as well, with slowed down dnb drum loops, and I experiemented with reversing some of the instrumentals as well

If you like it, check out my facebook page, I post new songs there and have most of my stuff uploaded to it

Tags : | Classical | 8.13 MB

Description : CLASSICAL- s h o r t e r version

Description : A Spiritual Music track from the album (Divine Chants Of Shiva) sung by Uma Mohan. this track named ( Nirwana shatkam) is enhanced by introducing background vocals in classical and spiritual form by (My Self). Just to enhance this track for giving more creative approach that i found in my regular practice for this track. Its just a Artistic approach and love for this holy spiritual music track Hope you will enjoy Indian holy classical treat

Tags : | Dubstep | 1.26 MB

Description : The loops used are from loop masters.

Tags : | Classical | 3.65 MB

Description : my first attempt at a classical track. please let me know what you think so far.

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