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Description : (prod. dj prizewell)

*single now available on every major streaming music platform

for bob.

Description : The Extraordinary Beat Maker DJ Nosmas has decided to give us this reggae beat, its Bob Marley,Jimmy Cliff,Luciano Type Beat

If you are a Reggae Lover then this the right beat for you,dont miss this.


djnosmas@ all Platforms

Tags : | Reggae | 3.77 MB

Description : This a reggae type beat beat you guys.
99 on the beat

Description : i sampled bob marley and got some sounds from the cure. made everything else.

Description : trying to explore my remixing ability using some Marley's pre-concert speeches

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.66 MB

Description : If u like bob marley you'll lovee this

Tags : | Pop | 6.92 MB

Description : Loops from



Vocals - Bob Marley - is this love

Description : U2 meets Bob Marley meets Bradley Nowell - they smoke, drink, and make this instrumental.

Tags : | RnB | 2.77 MB | Featured

Description : inspired by bob marley but rnb
Xx luv mah reggae xX

unfinished version

Description : Been Listening To Bob Marley Like Crazy So I Was Influenced To Create "This" ..

Tags : | Reggae | 8.02 MB

Description : The live reggae version of Patrica Edwards' famous hit.
Recorded at Hollywood Bowl last month, just before Bob Marley's concert...
The guitarist was sick that day. That's why there is no guitar on this track.
Hope you'll take pleasure ;-)

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.59 MB | Featured

Description : This is a something a put together using Short Bus's
"Useless Offerings". It still needs some work, but, you get the idea.

Tags : | Reggae | 3.66 MB

Description : Bob Marley forever)

Tags : | Jungle | 3.46 MB | Featured

Description : Jungle track produced by me using reason and recycle. Some loops and Samples from this site are used. Bob Marley samples are from an interview broadcasted in New Zealand.
I really enjoy producing, and find any constructive criticism really helpful, so please tell me what you think :)
if you have any questions etc. dont hesitate to ask!
Thanks for listening :D

Tags : | Reggae | 4.72 MB | Featured

Description : My first ever attempt at writing lyrics and recording them in a semi-professional manner :).....I made the instrumental on FL Studio 9 - took a couple of hours and then I had just got my Mixer to plug the mic through and do vocals so was singing Bob Marley lyrics to test if it was working and got a little inspired to continue and do a whole track....

All in all took me about 4 hours to complete from start to finish but it hasn't been mixed or mastered yet - was also loving the old Autotune plugin.

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.85 MB

Description : Dubstep tribute to Bob Marley and da herb.
You gwan write a review on tis jam and tell meh wat you tink.
translation (Write a review.) :)
The intro starts soft and it eventually goes in to heavy wobbles.

Tags : | Reggae | 3.20 MB

Description : Raggae Still BoB Marley Creation In FL Studio 9 Enjoy :)

Tags : | Reggae | 5.83 MB

Description : after

Tags : | Reggae | 6.26 MB

Description : before

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