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Description : doesn't this guitar loop make u feel like u live in indiana and hate your parents

Description : wow so edgy

Description : here u go looperbros. the world sure is crazy people getting shot in the head for no reason. racist people walking around doing crazy stuff. anyways here's the loop i hope u guys like it

Description : here you go bros

Description : sum 41 type loop

Description : for all the emo peeps

Description : just a simple pattern i played on my guitar

Description : yep yep

Description : dang bruh just found out suicideboys used one of my loops off of here bruh

Description : this one could be made into something good

Description : here you go

Description : hello bros

Description : yep yep

Description : here u go bros hope u can make something coo wit it

Description : swag swag swaggt swag

Description : wow epic swag nice cool nice alright

Description : this is the piano that play in the movie when the evil dude is like "well u see mr jenkins....... if it i who deleted your mincraft server muahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahah"

Description : yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Description : asffafasfasfafasfafsfaasfsa

Description : an actual gaytar hawyeeeeeeeeeee

Description : this is one trappyyyyy boiiiiiiiiiiiilksdhfklhdl

Description : pooooooooooop bewbs

Description : dsfadgadgadgadg

Description : dasfsdgdsdgds

Description : asgsdgsdsgsdgsdgsgd

Loops 51 - 75 of 209
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