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Description : kinda in the style of polo g and lil tjay

Description : recorded on my phone awhile ago. then added some fx in ableton

Description : recorded this on my phone a couple years ago nothing crazy but here u go

Description : here you go

Description : pretty fancy word i just used there eh

Description : reversed synth with some coo fx

Description : somethin i recorded awhile ago here you go

Description : samsung made an iPod competitor called the Samsung "yepp" lol

Description : wow cool and neat

Description : i dunno why but this reminds me of cudi

Description : guitar with some spacey fx on it

Description : made with a synth rhodes

Description : southside on the tracvk yeahhhhhhhh

Description : super relaxing almost sounds like an old sample

Description : i dunno here u go

Description : could hear that drill kinda vibe on it u feel bruv

Description : gonna upload everyday for the rest of the year howdy doody

Description : yessirski

Description : ive been uploading to looperman for exactly 4 years holy bananas

Description : it do be sounding cool

Description : sounds pretty happy u feel me bru

Description : yezzir

Description : intense guitar

Description : soiunds pretty cool to me

Description : this loop do be sounding serious doe

Loops 1 - 25 of 247