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Description : kinda sounds like 2017 future idk

Description : jus a lil vibe ig

Description : kinda weird i dunno maybe u can use for somthing

Description : just a bell thing to layer with what i just uploaded

Description : i like this mel check layer it with pt 2

Description : jus something old i made awhile ago

Description : rip flipper

Description : kinda cool kinda weird kinda chill

Description : kinda sounds like an ice cream truck jingle except emo

Description : man i miss that guy

Description : i dunno its something

Description : jus something simple idunno

Description : sad face emoji

Description : le sad

Description : felt like uploading u feel me

Description : chill dark bell loop[

Description : yep mhm yep

Description : made this hella long time ago going thru old files

Description : kina sounds like a piano theyd play ina movie

Description : i dunno maybe someone can find use for this

Description : chill gtr pick loop

Description : hehehehehehe

Description : made a long time ago

Description : reserve of part 1. layer it with this it sounds coo

Description : layer with part 2 for maximum swag

Loops 1 - 25 of 302