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Description : swag sawg swag sgwgwg

Description : another annoying trap loop to put out into the world

Description : subscribe to pewdiepie

Description : made this for an upcoming youtube tutorial of mine. enjoy

Description : huge knockers

Description : asdasdadadasasdasdsdad

Description : asdasdadasd

Description : bloopity bloop poop

Description : bruhhhhhh

Description : safsffff

Description : sad guitar

Description : ajsgdjkdjsdgsjdsjds bleep bleep check out my youtube channel fam lol

Description : mynamajefff

Description : ah yes another day doin nothing cool or meaningful

Description : asdffgsgggwgwgg

Description : hahkajshkahkdhkjafsfsf im bored

Description : adsdadsdd

Description : yea ion een kno bro

Description : boooooooriiiiiiiinnnggg

Description : did they change the font on here or am i just tweekin

Description : bones maybe

Description : brahhhhhhhhhhhh

Description : i dunno kinda sounds like em to me im bored and need to get laid

Description : i made this loop like 2 years ago for a song i made but i came across it again just now and i though yolo swag i'll upload it here

Description : dsasdadadsadassd

Loops 1 - 25 of 91
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