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Description : perfect piano for them dusty ahhhh boii ahhhh old head having ahhhhh mpc using ahhhh crusty ahh drums u feel

Description : imagine if carti rapped on this in his alien voice then it became a meme song

Description : wazzup fellers how u doon

Description : man i am not motivated at all today

Description : good for drill? good for phonk? good for mask on type beat? not good at all? i dunno

Description : hello everybody my name jeff (simon servida voice)

Description : i tried

Description : i am going to eat a burrito today i hope it will be good mmkay mkay

Description : ehhhhh mkay

Description : people who use these loops and somehow turn them into something halfway listenable thank u very much. seriously tho

Description : here u go bro bros

Description : happy 2021 to u all may the year bring u many epics and many swags

Description : something something something at the aaaaaafta paaaaaaaatay

Description : whaaaaaaat iiiiiiiiive doooooooooone

Description : space vibes

Description : recorded it on my iphone sorry android gang

Description : a wise man once said 'i must be french the way i bag get'

Description : top text

Description : top text

Description : minor2go is my dad

Description : hello me brudda

Description : recorded some gtr one shots on my phone then added trippy fx ob ableton

Description : yo this loop kinda reminds me of the fairy fountain song in zelda

Description : this one kinda doo doo ngl

Description : hmmm hopefully someone finds a use for this dunnno how i feel about it

Loops 1 - 25 of 203
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