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Description : Famous dex type. If you used please link in the comments :)

Description : lil uzi, future, nav type. please post your work in the comments if used :)

Description : idk i just made this but i dont wanna use it for a full beat. link your work. i would love to hear it

Description : link work pls

Description : these were fun to make. pls link work :)

Description : link if used pls :)

Description : 115 bpm if used link ur work :)

Description : link work if used :) 125 bpm

Description : 135 bpm. that shaker tho lmao

Description : i dont really need to use this. link work if used. 130 bpm

Description : 120 bpm pls link work :)

Description : 110 bpm. if you use it link in comments please, thanks.

Loops (12)