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Description : I think if you spice it up or play with the Pitch it can be a dope NY Drill Melody.

Description : A Piano Loop made by me in w/ Philharmonik
140 BPM / F Major

Description : the title says it, MIDI file link on my profile

Description : 128 BPM, Minor Harmonic Scale in G#

Link me your work.

Description : bro I dont even know

Description : a guitar melody
new to making melodies so drop yo tips

idk even know what genre this is

C Minor Harmonic

Description : I started to get into making melodies so any tips are appreciated

Hope you can use this somehow

Description : Good fitting Drums

I hope y'all can use this for something

Description : 4 Bar Flute Loop
Made with Nexus

Best beat gets a shoutout on my Instagram :)

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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