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Description : she luvs me not

Description : only you and i know

Description : we are not the same

Description : dream big

Description : she took my soul

Description : youre dead to me

Description : i spint you cause ur useless

Description : dont tempt me

Description : i know who there for me when im low

Description : baby lets take a trip

Description : i luv you

Description : i been onna move ion got time for you

Description : i dont wanna do this anymore..

Description : i see everything

Description : tell me where your feelings at

Description : no samples, all pain

Description : left you in my past

Description : cut you off quicker than i met you

Description : i know you miss me

Description : 4:44 a.m. let that sink in..

Description : i left her on read. she wasn't worth my time.

Description : i hope this numbs ur pain...

Description : life just got harder

Loops 1 - 23 of 23
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